Catastrophe in Gaza, World Silent and Blind

Darkness, shortage of fuel, flooding, hunger. Two Palestinians were killed and thousands evacuated to shelters while international community is blind and keeps silence like nothing is happening.

During the last two days thousands of Gazans were evacuated from their homes because of the flooding caused by the storm “Alexa” that invaded the Middle East and […]

Die Österreichischen Systemmedien und Zionistische Propaganda

Der österreichische staatliche Rundfunk, das ORF, hat seine Rolle in dieser Affäre darauf beschränkt, die Statements der israelischen Besatzung über ihre angebliche „Selbstverteidigung gegen Hamas“ zu wiedergeben und dabei dem israelischen Botschafter großzügig, zu den besten Sendezeiten und in Begleitung einer freundlichen Dame die aussieht als hätte sie eine Tasse Kaffee dringend notwendig die Möglichkeit […]

Israeli Perpetrates War Crimes in Gaza

On PRC Conference: Professor Norman Finkelstein, accused Israeli of perpetrating war crimes in the Gaza strip through the ongoing siege and January war. His accusation came within an International Conference titled, “UNRWA and Future of Palestinian Refugees”, organized in London. Finkelstein started his speech by placing it in context with the one year commemoration of […]

Austrians and Palestinians Against Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

“Thousands of Palestinians were injured in Gaza, and over one thousand were killed. The number of the Palestinians who died and were not counted is unknown until now. Over 40 percent of the Palestinian houses were destroyed completely or partly, 60 percent of the Gazans are relying on  UN relief, 25 percent live under the […]

EU-Israel Collusion Against Palestinians?

Some days ago I was able to speak with Dr. Tammam Kelani, the President of Arab-Austrian Federation of Doctors and Pharmacists, who had just returned from Germany after participating in a Congress of the Federation of Arab Doctors in Europe. I was thinking to speak with him about the humanitarian conclusions from that congress, in […]

The Rockets of Hunger and Israeli Propaganda


I received a message from the photojournalist and peace activist Sameh Habeeb from Gaza while I was looking at the news in the Austrian TV, which pierced my ears with talk about the rockets which Hamas supposedly shoots at the “innocent Israeli occupation” which has jailed one and half million in Gaza since before Al-Aqsa […]

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Advertising? Werbung? Click on the picture below. Klicken Sie auf das Bild unten. kawther [dot] salam [at] gmail [dot] com

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