Indicators of War, Not Peace, in Obama's Visit

President Barak Obama speaks in Jerusalem: “I have made the position of the United States of America clear: Iran must not get a nuclear weapon. This is not a danger that can be contained. As President, I have said to the world that all options are on the table for achieving our objectives. America will do […]

Four Austrian Soldiers Wounded in Damascus Shooting

الرسالة رقم واحد ردا على أقوال  السفير
ألرسالة رقم 2 ردا على أقوال  السفير

AFP – Four Austrian soldiers stationed with the UN force on the Golan Heights were shot and wounded in Syria while their convoy was travelling to Damascus airport on Thursday, the defence ministry in Vienna said. The two troops, whose lives were not […]

Syrian Defense Minister Killed By His Predator President

Read in Arabic / Syrian Defense Minister Gen. Ali Habib, who was sacked by President Bashar al-Assad from his post yesterday Monday, was found dead at his home. The Syrian television stated that the death of Gen. Habib was “of natural causes” and revealed that the minister was sick and his health had recently deteriorated.

On […]

President Al-Assad Must Apologize To The Children

Arabic report. From Damascus. See more pictures.

Despite Bashar Al-Assad’s promise of reforms, hundreds of Syrian and Arab protesters demonstrated against President Assad’s regime today Sunday April 17 2011 in solidarity with the Syrians protesters and their legitimate demands. The demo took place at Stephansplatz in the city center of Vienna.

The demonstrators chanted loudly against Assad […]

Syrian Embassy Staff Hides Behind Curtains

Click here to see more pictures.  Read Arabic.  Read German.

Why does the staff of the Syrian Embassy hide behind curtains?

On last Friday March 25 2011, a small demo took place in front of the Syrian embassy in Vienna, in support and solidarity with the people of the Diraa, the Syrian city where dozens of civilians, […]

Austrian Flag
Bild aus dem Parlament

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