EU Must Stop the Israeli Genocide Against Palestine

I could not keep my silence before the continuous war crimes against the one million and a half people in Gaza and the coward silence of the international community, which enjoys seeing the blood of innocent Palestinian civilians irrigating the earth of Gaza. Do these people have any shame left that they heap the responsibility […]

Israeli Crimes Under Observation of I.P.O

Ambassador Norma Giocochea Estenoz, the permanent representative of Cuba before the UN in Vienna, and Dr. Hans Koechler, President of the International Progress Organization, delivered the strongest speeches among other participants representing NGOs as well as international organizations and governments of  various countries, among them many Arabs, during  the special meeting in observance of the […]

Stop the Embargo, Gaza Must Live !

On 17. May 2008, the efforts of all the trouble makers who tried to hinder the activity to Stop the Embargo and “Gaza must Live” failed. A discussion was held at Regina Hotel in the 9th district. Many Austrian supporters decided to challenge the blockage of the Israeli Occupation against one and a half million […]

Al-Nakba Commemoration: Minister Hassuna in Vienna

On 15 May 2007, the Palestinian Minster of Economy and communications of the Palestinian emergency government, Kamal Hassuna, and the political economical advisor of the Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas, Dr. Jawad Naji, discussed the economical situation in the Palestinian cities during their visit to Vienna. The discussion was held at the Palestinian Embassy under […]

Fatwa: Right of Return is an Obligation

Nederlandse Vertaling

Sheikh Dr. Taysir Al-Tamimi issued a Fatwa (a religious edict) at the Mosque of Riverside, California, during his visit there and while participating in the activities commemorating Al-Naqbah by the Palestinian community at that location. Sheikh Al-Tamimi stated in his Fatwa that the Palestinian Right of Return is the base of […]

Palestinian Nakba Activities Hindered in Vienna

Nederlandse Vertaling Deutsche Übersetzung ترجمة للعربية

The Diakoniewerk, which is the owner and administration of Albert Schweitzer Haus in Vienna, a student home and cultural center affiliated with the evangelical church of Austria and which also organizes cultural activities and allows other organizations to hold cultural activities […]

Al-Naqbah Activities in Vienna

عربي Deutsch

Yesterday, 10 May 2008, the Palestinian community in Vienna commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Naqbah (Catastrophe) of 1948, during which hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forcibly deported from their cities and villages, the Zionist Jews massacred civilians at hundreds of villages, and over 500 Palestinian villages were razed […]

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