The Military Officer Who Sent Me a Husband

It is difficult to imagine the depths of the filth sloshing around in the heads of the officers of the zionist occupation state, the same people who style themselves as officers of a “civil administration” and as “Coordinators of Government Activities in the Territories” (COGAT). In fact there is nothing called “civil administration” or “COGAT”. […]

Wife of Israeli Ambassador Causes Trouble in Cairo

Cairo – Wednesday – April 14 2010 –  Edna, (עדנה לבנון) the wife of Israeli ambassador (יצחק לבנון) Ytizhaq Levanon (son of Shula Cohen, (שולמית כהן קישיק) a former prostitute and mossad agent), caused a big problem between the security and health authorities at the Cairo International Airport because of a lapdog which she was […]

Mubarak Sends Birthday Congratulations to Murderer Eliezer

The Hebrew occupation Radio revealed yesterday that Egyptian President Husni Mubarak had a telephone conversation with Israeli war criminal Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, Minister of Industry and Trade Minister, in which he congratulated him for his 74 birthday.

Ben-Eliezer was a commander of the Shaked Unit, one of the Israeli military terror units which fought in Sinai against […]

Prostitutes Son to Represent Israel in Egypt

Will the great Arab State of Egypt approve the appointment of  Yitzhak (Itzhak, Isaac, Itzik) Levanon (יצחק לבנון) as ambassador of Israel to their nation? Levanon is the son of the first Israeli Madam, the mossad agent Shula Cohen, and the brother of David Kishik, (קישיק דוד) head of a mafia of thieves and criminals […]

Israel’s First Madam In Lebanon

What motivates me to write about Shulamit Cohen (שולמית כהן קישיק) is my encounter with her corrupt son David Kishik, (קישיק דוד) whom I met years ago in the course of my journalistic work, and who turned the Israeli Military-Civil Administration Headquarter in the West bank into a central for furthering his lucrative business transactions […]

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