Thanks to Dublin

November 7, 2010

Dear Lord Mayor Gerry Breen,
Dear Minister Mr. Micheál Martin,
Dear Minister Connor Lenihan,
Dear Ambassador Frank Cogan,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the State of Ireland and its great people, represented by its government, for allowing me as a journalist to attend the 26 Annual Meeting of Arab Medical Union in Europe in Ireland, which was held on October 29 – 31 2010 at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin.

I took this opportunity to make a tour of Dublin and to write several positive articles about the great country of Ireland and its friendly people, who have a long history of sacrifice and struggle for its freedom and independence.

My special gratitude goes to Minister Mr. Micheál Martin and his Ministry, which issued me the visa necessary to attend the conference.

My special gratitude goes also to the guest of honor of the ARABMED conference, Mr. Conor Lenihan, for his wonderful speech in which he spoke positive and objective words about the integration of Arab doctors and the Arab-Islamic communities in Ireland in the Irish society. As a Palestinian, I must express my gratitude to Minister Lenihan for every word which he spoke about the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people. We Palestinians notice and take example from the experience of Ireland and its great struggle for freedom and independence.

My gratitude goes to the Irish Government because of the courageous statements of position which it has delivered over time with regard to our just cause, especially to Lord Mayor Gerry Breen for his frank statement of position regarding the Palestinian cause in Gaza and for twinning Dublin with besieged Gaza City since 2006 out of sympathy.

My gratitude also for Ambassador Frank Cogan in Vienna, who together with his personnel expeditiously processed my visa request and so made it possible that I could enter Ireland in a timely fashion to report about his beautiful country. I liked Ireland and I reported with big respect and admiration for your country.

I also want to express my regret and sorrow at all illogical, inhuman and unjustified handling by the Israeli authorities of the great Irish peace activist and Nobel laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire, who was jailed and deported when she attempted to enter Israel without any consideration for her exemplary role in support for peace.

As a Palestinian living in exile in Vienna and married to Austrian, I could but notice the many statements of support and solidarity for our cause and our people which have come over the years from the Irish people and government. The least I could do was to express my gratitude for all this support, which touches me deeply.

Here are the links to my reports about Dublin. Thank you all for your attention, and all the best for you and the Irish nation.

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أطباء عرب يناقشون الجديد في الطب والعلاج في مؤتمر ايرلندا
مصورون نجوم لمعوا في مؤتمر دبلن للأطباء العرب
لفتة كريمة من لفتات إتحاد الأطباء العرب في اوروبا

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