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Contradictions in U.S. foreign policy

Recently, on 14th August of 2020, US foreign minister Pompeo visited Vienna. This caused me to think. The U.S. is, like all bullies, full of contradictions and blind spots. They regard themselves as owners of God’s grace more than other countries, as the most righteous among all countries, as the greatest of all country, the most grandiose, the measure for justice when one compares legal systems … the country with the cleanest air and water, Etc. Etc. Etc. You get the idea: grandiose narcissism wherever one looks.

Equally, looking at the proud attitude of US officials, one notes the absence of any kind whatsoever of critical thinking about their country. The massive amount of injustice which the world has had to suffer to make the American dream of superiority possible is but one measure of the disconnex between how the world is and the American self-conception. If one notes a smidgen of doubt about the wholesome all-encompassing goodness of the US, then it must be the manifest destiny of those poor doubtful rascals to lose everything, at best.

Notice for example the different standard which President Trump applies to China, Iran and israel, which are all culpable of egregious human rights violations. In the case of China they get bullied by 3 aircraft carriers and innumerable other ships and airplanes, tariffs … In the case of Iran, which has attracted the ire of israel, it is OK to label them as terrorists and steal tankers full with their oil. In the case of israel, the first consort, a jewish prince of the dishonorable Kach sect, what is evident by the feral kids in the streets surrounding their settlements and the screeching of the Kach girls when the soldiers cover them, is allowed to cover the first daughter and everything is seemingly A-OK, never mind that the Kach were once seen as terrorists.

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A letter to President Trump

On the last November 19, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, sent to the fore by his master Trump, let it be known that the US would no longer see the illegal settlements in the West Bank as in conflict with international law.

This time it looks like not only did the ever acquisitive Pompeo forget that getting something (the international law) between ones clutches does not make it ones property, but that the Commander-in-Chief Trump screwed the pooch.

Commander-in-Chief Trump says that “America is respected again”. I ask why.

Is it because the US, under duress, continually supports a rogue regime of thieves, embezzlers and mass murderers since at least 1948?

Is it because continually supporting those coward murderers gives the US any kind of advantage? Exactly what advantage?

Is it because the US Constitution proscribes that the US protect their bloodthirsty friends? I don’t think so. The framers of the US constitution explicitly warned against “foreign entanglements”.

Problem is, Trump’s bloodthirsty and cowardly friends promptly celebrated his proclamation by by blowing up houses over the heads of their owners and killing all the children, women and the elderly, shooting journalists, and murdering peace demonstrators one instance of this bloody craze can be seen here.

In legal terms, President Trump is an Accessory Before the Fact to genocide, or somebody who “aids, abets, or encourages another to commit a crime but who is not present at the scene”. I think that this is an open-shut case, a gift to the political opposition in the US who are having major problems impeaching President Trump. I also think that the US Democrats will not consider this opportunity to get their ducks in a row because they are equally culpable against us, they are equally jews of the fecal conviction like those in Palestine.

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Israeli Zionist occupation Bombard Two Homes with Families Inside: Eight Killed, Including Five Children

The Israeli forces’ continued military escalation on the Gaza Strip that began on 12 November. In developments on Thursday, 14 November 2019, the Israeli forces attacked two houses in the Middle Gaza district, killing eight of the inhabitants, including five children and two women. Another seven persons were killed in attacks across the Gaza Strip.
The total number of persons killed between the start of the escalation and 12pm today is 33 and includes eight children and three women. Another 82 people have been wounded, including 33 children and seven women. Seven houses, a turkey farm and a carpentry workshop were completely destroyed, while 67 houses and 15 school buildings were damaged.

Al Mezan’s monitoring indicates that at approximately 12:25am today, 14 November 2019, Israeli aircraft fired four missiles at two houses, both built of tin sheets, in the southern part of Deir Al-Balah, Middle Gaza. The houses belong to Rasmi Al-Sawarka, 45, and his brother Mohammed, 40. The houses were completely destroyed and eight inhabitants were killed, including five children and two women. Another 13 persons were wounded, including 11 children. The people who were killed have been identified as:

Rasmi Al-Sawarka, 45, Mariam Al-Sawarka, 33, Yusra Al-Sawarka-Al-Or, 39, Wasim Al-Sawarka, 13, Muhannad Al-Sawarka, 12, Mu’ath Al-Sawarka, 2. Salim Al-Sawarka, 3

At approximately 1:55pm on Wednesday, 13 November 2019, Israeli aircraft fired a missile into a group of people in southeast Khan Younis, killing two men and injuring a third. The two persons who were killed have been identified as: Mohammed Shurrab, 28, and Haitham Bakri, 22.

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Request for a Lawyer in USA for Catching a Thief

This is a solicitation for legal assistance, to help me present a case against Eldon A. Mainyu (ED), US author who published a book about me without my permission. And since I do not know anything anything about the publishing laws in the United States, I ask my readers, friends and legal institutions to help me legally to uncover the circumstances of this scandal in dealing with my personal suffering as a Palestinian journalist and a victim of the Israeli occupation for financial gain. Hier is my e-mail address: kawther [dot] salam [at] gmail [dot] com

On October 15 2019, I was looking for a publishing house in Google search, I found that Eldon A. Mainyu (ED) in USA had published a book about me (Kawther Salam.) without my permission.

on 28. 11. 2011, the author Eldon A. Mainyu (ED) used my personal data, and my articles posted on line and published a commercial book for his own personal benefit, without my knowledge or permission, noting that the license and the terms of use of the material published on (Kawther.info) and now on (Kawther.info/wpr) by Kawther Salam and republished by newspapers or on line websites prohibits anyone from using the data and material for financial gain.

The book (Kawther Salam) ISBN: 6139925037, order number: (ISBN-13: 9786139925032) is sold in Austria for fifty euros, in Germany sold for 29 euros, in Amazon sold for 39 euros and outside Europe sold 150 euro.

I called the libraries in Austria and Germany, they assured me that they had been selling the book (kawther Salam) since 2013 and they still have some copies in books store.

I confirm that Kawther Salam articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Austria License.

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Frohen Nationaltag Österreich, zum Jahrestag des Abmarsches der Besatzungstruppen

Das Buddget des Verteidigungsministeriums ist dieses Jahr offensictlich reduziert worden.

Wie viel konnten Sie dieses Jahr am Transport von Materialien für die Nationalfeiertagsparade von verschiedenen Militärstützpunkten nach Wien Sparen und was bedeutet diese Reduzierung vom Budget insgesamt für das Bundesheer?

Es gibt neue amerikanische Hubschrauber wie den Sikorsky S-97.
Will das Verteidigungsministerium Hubschrauber dieses Typs kaufen?
Hat das Ministerium irgendwelche militärischen Vereinbarungen mit den Vereinigten Staaten über den Kauf von schwerem Gerät und dem Austausch von militärischem Fachwissen?

Die Fragen wurden auf der Pressekonferenz mit Verteidigungsminister Thomas Starlinger am 24. Oktober 2019 anlässlich des Österreichischen Nationalfeiertags um 12:00 Uhr gestellt. Die Antwort ist unten im Video.

Der 26. Oktober 1955 war der Tag, an dem das Gesetz zur österreichischen Neutralität verabschiedet wurde. An diesem Tag wurde Österreich nach zehnjähriger Besatzungszeit frei. Die Menschen konnten wieder in Frieden leben. Seither braucht niemand Angst vor Verfolgung zu haben.

Bis 1964 wurde dieser wichtige Tag „Tag der Fahne“ genannt. Im Jahre 1965 wurde im Parlament beschlossen, den 26. Oktober als den Nationalfeiertag zu feiern

Zurück in der Geschichte, nach dem 2. Weltkrieg war Österreich durch die 4 Alliierte Mächte besetzt: die Sowjetunion, die Verinigten Staaten, England und Frankreich. Der 1. Wiener Bezirk wurde von Soldaten der 4 Mächte gemeinsam patroulliert, Wien war wie der Rest Österreichs von den 4 Mächten in Zonen aufgeteilt. Am 15. Mai 1955 wurde im Schloss Belvedere wurde das Abkommen zur Gründung Österreichs unterzeichnet, es ist am 27. Juli 1955 in Kraft getreten. Der 26. Oktober markiert den Tag nachdem der letzte Besatzungssoldat aus Österreichischem Boden abgezogen ist.

Während der ganzen Geschichte der Menschheit ist der Abzug einer Besatzungsarmee immer Anlass zu grosser Freude gewesen. Die Besatzung eines fremden Landes ist ein verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit. Niemand mag von unter der Besatzung einer fremden Armee leben.

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On the anniversary of the departure of the occupying forces from Austria

The budgets of the Department of Defense have been reduced significantly this year.

How much could you save on transporting materials for the National Holiday Parade from various military bases to Vienna this year, and what does this reduction of the budget mean for the Armed Forces?

There are new American helicopters like the Sikorsky S-97.
Does the Ministry of Defense want to buy helicopters of this type?
Does the ministry have any military agreements with the United States on the purchase of heavy equipment and the exchange of military expertise?

The questions above were delivered during a press conference with Austrian Defense Minister Thomas Starlinger on 24 October 2019, on the occasion of the Austrian National day.  The answer is below in the video.

The October 26, 1955 was the day on which the law on Austrian neutrality was passed. On this day, Austria was released after ten years of occupation. People could live in peace again. Since then nobody needs to be afraid of persecution.

Until 1964, this important day was called “day of the flag”. In 1965, it was decided in Parliament to celebrate the 26th of October as the national holiday

Back in history, after the Second World War, Austria was occupied by the four Allied Powers: the Soviet Union, the United States, England and France. The 1st district of Vienna was patrolled by soldiers of the four powers. Vienna was divided into zones like the rest of Austria by the four powers. On May 15, 1955, at the Belvedere Palace, the Agreement for the Foundation of Austria was signed. It came into force on July 27, 1955. The 26th of October marks the day after the last occupying soldier has withdrawn from Austrian soil.

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UNODC Launched High-level Conference on Educating for the Rule of Law

7 October 2019 – The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) launched high-level conference on Educating for the Rule of Law in the presence of some 350 high-ranking specialists in the field of education, justice, and policy-making.

The three-day conference discussed the numerous educational tools developed together with academics around the world, which contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions – the overarching mission of UNODC) and SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

The Conference was opened by Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of UNODC, who stressed the importance of initiatives like Education for Justice to achieve the SDGs: “The landmark Doha Declaration adopted in 2015 at the UN Crime Congress recognized the fundamental role of education in preventing crime and strengthening the rule of law. Stepping up efforts to promote a culture of lawfulness, in line with the Doha Declaration, is key to delivering by 2030.”

Addressing the conference via video message, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Director-General Audrey Azoulay spoke of the importance of cooperation in this field: “I am delighted that UNESCO has joined efforts with UNODC to encourage innovative partnerships between the education and justice sectors, and am happy to announce that UNESCO has just published, in cooperation with UNODC, two education manuals for the primary and secondary levels to empower young students to work for more just societies.”

Major-General Abdullah Al-Mal, Advisor to the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of Qatar, told participants that E4J’s effect showed the importance of involving children to achieve global goals for sustainable development: “Since the hosting of the 2015 Crime Congress, Qatar has been highly supportive of the Education for Justice initiative. This gathering marks an important milestone in recognizing the key linkages between SDG4 and SDG16 of the UN’s Global Goals.”

Representing her youthful generation, an 11-year old student who won a debate in Nigeria on “How to Combat Corruption,” Naomi Oloyode, appealed for continued investment in peace and rule of law: “The future of children is in the hands of parents, leaders and policymakers. I plead with you to join hands together to make our world a better, safer and more inclusive space.”

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The EU contributes €24.5 million to the PA payment of August

The European Union has made today a contribution of €24.5 million to the payment of August salaries and pensions of nearly 56,000 Palestinian civil servants and pensioners in the West Bank.

This contribution is funded by the European Union as part of its Direct Financial Support to the Palestinian Authority channelled through PEGASE.

Despite No laws, No Justice, No Public Prosecution in Palestine

Despite the killing and burial of women in Palestine without knowing the reasons for their killing,
Despite the failure of the Palestinian Authority to adhere to the provisions of 55 international treaties signed. And lack of respect for human rights,
Although not enacted the necessary laws to build a state of law and human rights
The European Union continues to pay the salaries of Palestinian Authority employees and send monthly millions, ignoring corruption, crimes and human rights violations by the Palestinian Authority.

The European Union continues to legislate laws that reduce the budgets allocated to the daily lives of its citizens, such as the budget of the education sector, social and health system and others, in order to pump millions and funding several countries in the Middle East, including the Palestinian government, which revolves around its system suspicions of corruption. The PA constantly lists the names of many dead on the staff list to suck more EU funds.

The ministers of the government of Hamdallah in the previous Palestinian government have looted millions of budgetary funds sent by the European Union as aid to the Palestinian people. To date, the EU has not committed itself to investigating or deducting stolen amounts from the current budget

Europeans have the right to hold their governments accountable for funding countries that violate human rights, and there are suspicions of corruption around them, including the misuse of public money and disbursement in unallocated directions.

Why Europe pays the salaries of Palestinian Authority employees does not have legal legislation and does not respect human rights.

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