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From: alain
To: kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com
Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 3:21:17 PM
Subject: your article up to your site for acces in Gaza


i’m french photographe ; i’m going on israel sunday 15 march .
i’m tking to going in gaza strip ,i’m loking your article up for the access condition.
i’ts incredible and also horrible this condition .
the humans rights dream while be destoyed evry day for the palestinian peoples .
also my gouvernement work with the sioniste mouvement in france..
see you soon .

From: Daniel …..
To: kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 1:59:38 AM
Subject: USAF Veteran …. : God bless you Kawther

Dear Kawther Salam,
I just want you to know that the number of US military veterans who stand with the Palestinians is growing. There has been a dumbing down of American citizens who have been taught that it is unpatriotic to criticize the State of Israel and US foreign policies. Now we find ourselves faced with the possibility of war with Iran with right wing war hawk Benjamin Netyenyahu having the reigns of power. As a military veteran there is only one way to counter this insanity. The international community must petition the Russian Federation for a new Warsaw Pact II that includes Iran. This will involve an unfortunate but necessary period of Cold War. If Israel attacks then Russia will be obligated to assist and declare this as an act of war. The new pact will also block US military intervention in Venuezuala and Latin America. America’s role on the world stage and it’s sphere of influence is and must be diminished. A multi-polar world with prominent roles for Russia and China will block US dominance. Hope to hear from you and God bless you in these dangerous and uncertain times.


Daniel, … USAF Veteran

From: ste …..
To: “kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com” <kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com>
Cc: Estelle …
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 4:05:11 PM
Subject: First female judges Palestine

Dear Kawther Salam,

I just read on your blog your article about the first female judges appointed to the Sharia Court in Palestine. It had been sent to me by a friend, [ name deleted ], who works for the WCLAC- Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Couselling in Ramallah.

I’m currently working for a feminist publication here in Geneva Switzerland. As this information appeared to me very interesting, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind our magazine to translate/adapt your text for its next issue?
We are a generalist mainly voluntary-based and of course women-oriented magazine which deals with lots of subjects, including cultural, social and political issues from abroad. We are especially concerned with positive visions which can raise attention.

You can have a look at the magazine’s website It can give you an idea of what it is, although it doesn’t reflect everything we do.

Thanks for your interest.
Kind regards,

Ste ….

From: El Maghnouji …..
To: kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 3:43:05 PM
Subject: hello

Hello Kawther!

I have just discovered your blog and began to read your articles. Your views are really interesting. I would really like to know more about you.

Take care.
Yours sincerely,

From Paris

From: Ayman
To: K Salam <kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com>
Sent: Tuesday, March 3, 2009 12:36:48 PM
Subject: Re: German Government Directly Involved the Gaza War Crimes

عزيزتى الصحفية كوثر
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته .
لقد أبحرت فى موقعك الحميل و أغبطك عليه
موقع رائع و منفذ بتقنية و حرفية
مزيد من التقدم أتمناه لحضرتك
أرجو أن تشرفينى بالنظر على موقع
أوسترو عرب نيوز
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته .
أرجو أن تهدى أرق التحية للأسرة الكريمة و الأصدقاء الأفاضل .

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

أيمن وهدان

From: “Buffalorick69@
To: kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com
Sent: Tuesday, March 3, 2009 4:30:39 PM
Subject: books

Salaam ,
Dear Miss Kawther I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy reading your website blog. It is informative and gives a different view than what we are told here in the United States. I recently have read two books which I highly reccomend by author Victor Ovtrovsky, and think you should  read them as well. His first book “By way of Deception”, is his introduction to his service in the IDF, and later recruitment into the Mosaad. From there it weaves a fascinating story of deceit and treachery that has to be read to be believed. America was tricked into bombing Libya and other events are described in these books. The second book, “The Other Side of Deception”,continues the agents narratives of the Mosaad making Iraq their next target.
If you can find these two books, I recommend reading them. It will open your eyes up to a whole new perspective, and how peace could have been achieved years ago were it not for a fringe group hell-bent on conquering the middle east. Anyway, thanks for writing such great blogs. Please keep up the good work.


From: M Fitzwilliams
To: kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com
Sent: Tuesday, March 3, 2009 11:32:23 AM
Subject: Role of Singapore

Dear Kawther,

Your web page is excellent work. However I think there is an area of complicity with Israel that you should also look at, especially as it is in the heart of Moslemland. And that is Singapore. Singapore has always modelled itself on Israel, a beseiged nation among hostile or perceived to be hostile Moslem territory. As an island state Singapore has nothing to export, but they live by their guile and re-export many products that others make or produce. This may sound very good work until you turn to the unsavoury aspect of it. Singapore has always acted as end user country for many goods that are finally destined for another. For instance, they export guns to Israel, and some allege they are also responsible for the export of nuclear triggers to countries that find them hard to source.

As Singapore is a favourite shopping/holiday place for many from Moslem countries, I think it is important that their role in the Arab-Israeli conflict be highlighted. In the beginning of the invasion on Iraq, Singapore sent a contingent of soldiers to Basra to help the occupation. I see that as nothing less than that. Many rich Malaysians and Indonesians go to Singapore to spend their money, and in doing so they are propping a Zionist’s friend. Many Gulf Arabs go there too to shop. In “By Way of Deception” (some say it is an expose of the Israeli Mossad, some say it is disinformation) it is stated that Singapore is a Mossad centre for Asia, to spy on the Moslem archipelago. Of that I have no doubt.

Best wishes,

– Fitz

From: Luisella
To: kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com
Cc: emma buonvino  Parodi
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 11:17:36 AM
Subject: Palestinian Women

Dear Mrs Kawther Salam,
I red with pleasure your article ( about  the first females Islamic Judges in Palestine.
We are three Italian women working to share to Genova’s citizens the courageus and beautiful life of Palestine, with an eye to women and femal children. At the llast days of march we will do a photographics exibition in our town, Genova, and we will to have from you, if possible, a photos
of these two fantastic judjes women andthe permission to tell the history and what they do.
If possible, I ask to you  names and photos of other fantastic Palestin women in her good profession, as, for example, jpurnalism as you, better if they are living in Palestine. We will Italian people know the pride and vitality of Palestine not as media’s here picture them! as devastated persons often terrorist!(not true).
Thanks very much for your important contribute.
We try in may or after to go to Gaza with the Italian BlackWomen (Donne in Nero) or in other way, to conctact and speak with the Gaza’s women and to collect their need and history. Our National Comitate, born in Roma the day after the big manifestation in Rome about 200.000 persons against war in Gaza and askin cesefire (Genova Comitate  is born yesterday; Palermo is born a month ago; Milano and Firenze are in gestation) for the preserving life of Palestinian people and Palestina free), want to have continuity in helping and telling about Palestine and Palestinian People. In our Comitate there are the presence of Palestinian persons and Arabs and African living in Genova, and we work against  the bad bill of Berlusconi Giovernment about immigration.
Thanks having red me.
Your sincerely

Bice Parodi
Emma Buonvino

from Comitato Pro Palestina

From: “c.alatriste@free.
To: K Salam <kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com>
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 7:56:09 AM
Subject: Re: EU-Israel Collusion Against Palestinians?

Dear Kawther

Thanks for your information.

We will translate for htt:// this important article. I
don’t know for the moment the delay (perhaps this week but not shure), but I
will keep you informed.

My best regards

From: Ayse
To: kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 10:49:46 AM
Subject: Greeting from the Palestinian Solidarity Committee

Greetings from Seattle,

Palestinian Solidarity Committee Solutes you! My name is Aishah and I am working on a subcommittee to create WANTED posters of Israeli War Criminals. I found your website and would love to use your information, but I would like to try and find the resources of your information. If you could send me your resource(s) that would be amazing! I’ve been searching endlessly on the web for any ‘legit’ information, but It is quite hard to come by any ‘official’ information these days. Probably because the Israeli gov is keeping their military names out of the press…if there was nothing to hid then this wouldn’t be a problem…but there is.

please please please if you could help me out we would all greatly appreciate it!!

Your Friends From Seattle,

From: El Maghnouji
To: kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 5:44:19 PM
Subject: hello

Hello Kawther!

I have just discovered your blog and began to read your articles. Your views are really interesting. I would really like to know more about you.

Take care.

Yours sincerely,

From Paris

From: Hazem
To: kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 2:52:14 PM
Subject: Salam

Hi Kawthar

Thank you very much for your eforts
i have good relation with Alain in Nime
we are togother to serve Palestine

thank you

Hazem Yaseen

Ministry of Agriculture
P.O Box 197
Office +972-2-2403341-2-7
Fax +972-2-2403312
Mobile +972-599

Austrian Flag
Bild aus dem Parlament

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