Comments for Europa & Middle East News » Europa & Palestine News Editor - Kawther Salam Tue, 27 May 2014 13:54:03 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on The Fundamentalists Do Not Represent Muslims and Islam by abubaqar Tue, 27 May 2014 13:54:03 +0000 one more thing mr karl, recently in England the head of south yorkshire intelligence unit TONY FARRELL stated categorically that based on his research using Public information and not Secret, he has concluded that the 9-11 and 7/7 bombings were done by the British and American governments! and were blaming muslims wrongly!

This is only natural i believe when you have so many zionist jews in your governments who are not loyal to they countrys they infest but to the terrorist state of israel!

For telling the truth he was sacked because they did not want to hear that,he said of his boss,s actions. His interview is on youtube if you care to listen with a unbiased mind.

Comment on The Fundamentalists Do Not Represent Muslims and Islam by abubaqar Tue, 27 May 2014 13:46:53 +0000 mr karl,

I would like you to come to any Masjid for Friday congregational prayers and hear the condemnation against terrorism by the can also speak to the attendees and ask they views.

Then i would like for you to visit any local synagogue and ask the Jews why they are committing crimes against humanity in Palestine and doing war crimes,murder,rape,child abuse,robbery and theft of property,destruction of livestock and trees of the palestinians,etc,etc,etc.

Why are 3 million plus iraqi,s dead due to lies by the zionist jew led western worlds attack and destruction of they country?

Why are more then a million Afghani dead and they country occupied on a war based on lies? they did not attack America on 9-11 it was your own C.I.A and Israeli Mossad,why do you not attack Israel for its crime against you?

Your countrys are killing innocents by drone attacks against international law and justice, does your kind now want to be believed as judge,jury and executioner?

I have not seen any muslim fanatics or fundamentalists attack any non muslim country in the last 200 plus years, while yours are at it daily somewhere around the world and somehow the muslims are responsible for it?

Your countrys want end to nuclear proliferation and yet are the main sellers in the world via Israeli terrorists, you cannot see them as a threat to the world but only muslims?

Muslims have never killed by the tens of millions in the world but the jews,christians,communists(part of judaism)hinduism,buddhists have done this regularly.

It is the destiny of muslims to bring order based on justice,truth and end to tyranny and oppression by zionist jew led masters of the western worlds countrys,no one will ever stop it happening, for it is a prediction stated by the prophet of Islam mohammed pbuh, who has never lied in his life and who was known as Al-Amin and in the Bible as the Spirit of Truth!

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Comment on The Fundamentalists Do Not Represent Muslims and Islam by Scott Shepard Mon, 26 May 2014 23:12:09 +0000 Dear Kawther,

I can’t question the motives of Dr. Stepic because I don’t know him or his work. I would not argue that ‘fundamentalists don’t represent Muslims and Islam’ but I would quickly follow that by saying that secularist capitalist wannabees don’t, either. It is good if Austrians want to have good terms with Arab nations; the Israelis are well sponsored by Germany, so it would terrible if Europe only thought of Arab states as some kind of ‘other.’

On the other hand, when I read this kind of comment, a crack, if you will, against ‘fundamentalists’ I have to wonder if Dr. Stepic said it because he himself has fear and hostility toward Muslims unless they make it a point to act like westerners. If he and other Europeans see fundamentalists as the main problem or threat in the Middle East then I think they have not really been paying attention.

The so called fundamentalists are a minority, although increasingly vocal and making their presence felt. The greater problem in Muslim states is that western powers continue to try to form or protect relationships with the tyrannical elite, be they kings or just retired generals, and the masses, underneath these strong men, are not heard or represented.

We never would have had a Nine Eleven crisis had small pockets of outrage not emerged in reaction to the policies of the el Saud family and their friends in the region. Westerners saw the fundamentalists after 9/11; what we did not bother to see or think about was oppression of local populations in M. Eastern countries, US military bases in Saudi, in Kuwait, in UAE, etc.; Israeli invasions of Lebanon, and so on. It is all in the 9/11 Report, although people pay little attention to it.

Western conduct in the Middle East since 9/11 has only made things worse, because we have invaded, bombed, arrested, and since Obama, drone attacked, across the region.

Fundamentalist outbursts are the symptom, not the disease itself. When I hear capitalists, whether they are US, Israeli, or European,talk about all the developments that are going to improve the Middle East, I just think that the idea is to try to buy off the leaders, and then shower the public with goods and luxuries; but the Shah tried this in Iran, right? And the people saw right through it. You can give me luxuries, but not in exchange for giving the US and England the right to pull all the strings in Muslim countries. No luxury is worth that.

Dr. Scott Shepard

Comment on The Fundamentalists Do Not Represent Muslims and Islam by karl Mon, 26 May 2014 21:32:55 +0000 Who is this so called doctor kidding. No imam or any muslim country ever condemned the almost 22000 terror attacks commited since 9/11 by muslims.
Really, the whole Europa gone mad? And if you think islam is a peaceful religion, try to build a Christian church in muslim country Herr Dr. Herbert Stepic…

Comment on The Fundamentalists Do Not Represent Muslims and Islam by abubaqar Mon, 26 May 2014 19:15:08 +0000 dear sister kawther,

you are right fundamentalists do not represent Islam. most of these in todays society are agents of western or corrupt government agents from the east, mostly in the pay of rich people.
in my country,England, my uncle came in 1950,s as batman to a general,s cook. he had to work for few years to get his pension after the British left India.
every friday the general saw that my uncle was visibly depressed due to missing Juma prayers,so he said the following week he would take him to a Masjid with muslims in a nearby town ,which he did when the time came following friday.
When asked if my uncle was happy after doing friday congregational prayers with muslims ,he stated yes and that he did not know there were so many muslims in England at that time and a masjid.
At his words the general started to laugh,when my uncle asked why he was laughing, the general said that NOT ONE MAN in the masjid was a MUSLIM!!! they were all British soldiers being trained to go into muslim societys to create FASAD and to mislead them into wrong beliefs!

These soldiers looked,spoke Arabic, and could recite the Koran and hadiths eloquently which fooled even my uncle. so please do not believe everything you see or hear as being muslims atrocitys,these are our enemies at work,foremostly from zionist jew backgrounds who wish to malign muslims so that the worlds attention is away from the criminality they are currently doing in Palestine.

These evildoers have a PHD in deception and are dajjals foot soldiers in the world today.

Comment on The Fundamentalists Do Not Represent Muslims and Islam by Leon Trumpp Mon, 26 May 2014 15:57:25 +0000 But they sure taint the whole religion and the followers continue to support them instead of defrocking them and kicking them out of order .