Palestine is NOT a Farm Of Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Palestine is not a private farm of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the self-appointed Palestinian “president” Mahmoud Abbas, whose presidential term expired in 2009, since when nobody knows on basis of what laws he calls himself “president” and since when neither he nor his “Palestinian Authority” have any legitimacy in law, what makes […]

Military Spending Increased in the US and EU decreased in oil-exporting countries

Total world military expenditure rose to $1686 billion in 2016, an increase of 0.4 per cent in real terms from 2015, according to new figures from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Military spending in North America saw its first annual increase since 2010, while spending in Western Europe grew for the second consecutive […]

Egypt As A Role Model: An Opportunity Lost

مصر تسير على خارطة الطريق إلى القمع

Open Democracy – Rawia M Tawfik Amer, a lecturer at the faculty of Economics and Political science, Cairo University. She holds the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford. She writes on issues of African political economy.

The January 25th uprising offered Egypt the opportunity to become […]

Saudi Ambassador to Berlin Receives EU ArabMED Doctors

  السفير السعودي في برلين يستقبل وفد إتحاد الأطباء العرب في اوروبا

At the end of the 29th Scientific-medical Congress of ARABMED, which was held in Berlin in coordination with the 7th Joint International Medical Conference for European and Arabian Universities, the DAAD Summer School Medical Program (RAGEL), H.E. Prof. Dr. Med. Ossama bin […]

Saudi Princess Free on $5 Million Bail in Calif.

Photo by: The Associated PressSaudi princess Meshael Alayban, right, listens to an interpreter during her scheduled appearance in court Thursday July 11, 2013 in Santa Ana, Calif.

Friday, July 12, 2013 – By: Associated Press – Santa Ana, Calif. – BOSTOM has reported today that a Saudi princess charged with human trafficking was […]

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