Jewish Terrorist Group Fraudulently Bought Land From Dead Palestinian

حركة غوش إمونيم الإرهابية تعقد صفقة كاذبة مع فلسطيني متوفي؟؟

Haaretz, Israeli newspaper reported today Sunday Feb. 16 2013 that the real estate purchasing arm of Amana, the organization behind illegal West Bank outpost construction headed by a jewish terrorist  Zeev (Zambish) Hever from the terrorist group Gush Emunim, bought parts of a disputed area in […]

Heavy Fire at the Office Of Minister Of Religion

last Wednesday, unknown masked Palestinians opened fire at the office of the PA Minister of Islamic Endowments, Mahmoud al-Habash, who is known to be the right arm of Abbas. The masked men opened at al-Habash’s office in el-Bireh with heavy fire minutes after his arrival at that location.

Minister al-Habash is famous for his “Fatwas” (religious […]

Palestinian Brigadier Slapped in Face by Hitler

Heavy Fire at the Office Of Minister Of Religion

According to Palestinian sources, Major General Jibril al-Rajoub, a senior official of the PA and head of the Palestinian Federation of Football, was slapped in the face last Wednesday while waiting for the arrival of the Chinese foreign minister at Grand Park Hotel in Ramallah.

The miscreant perpetrator […]

New Intifada Against Israel And The PA

مصر تطالب بنسخ من ملفات فساد مؤسساتها في النمسا
المكتب الثقافي المصري: تأجيل نظام الفصلين الدراسيين للعام 2013 – 2014
إنتفاضة فلسطينية ضد الإحتلال الإسرائيلي والسلطة الفلسطينية

In the late hours of Tuesday, August 27 2013, Palestinian “security” forces, or rather death squads, assassinated Amjad Odeh, 37, who was standing in front of his furniture shop in the […]

Calls Upon the PA to Respect Citizens Rights

On Sunday 28 July a demonstration initiated by the Popular Front for the Liberationof Palestine (PFLP) took place in Ramallah against the decision by President Mahmoud Abbas to return to negotiations with Israel. The protestors planned to march from the Ramallah Christian Orthodox Club to the Mukataa, where they intended to express their discontent with […]

Dutch Prosecutor Dismisses War Crimes Case against Riwal

جمهورية مصر العربية تهنأ أبنائها في الخارج بعيد الفطر السعيد
قرار المشاركة الفلسطينية في مفاوضات واشنطن تجاوز لقرارات الهيئات القيادية في م.ت.ف
رسالة إلى الرئيس عباس واللجنة المركزية في حركة فتح

According to Al-Haq for Human Rights, the Dutch Public Prosecutor announced the decision to dismiss the case against Lima Holding B.V., Riwal’s parent company, for involvement in […]

Protesters Against Negotiations With Israel Arrested

المطلوب سحب الثفة من اللجنة التنفيذية
لكم سلطتكم ولنا وطننا وكرامتنا
معا من اجل اسقاط محمود عباس

The militarized “police” of the Palestinian dictatorial regime in Ramallah arrested several Palestinian opponents who were demonstrating in Ramallah against the PA return to negotiations with zionist Israel without taking in consideration the wishes of the majority of Palestinians, who are […]

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