US Sticks its Nose Into Egyptian Constitution Process

أنوف أمريكية تحشر نفسها في الشأن الداخلي المصري

Has the USA ever allowed the Egyptian ambassador to Washington to inspect the halls where referendum on the US Constitution take place, or to inspect the halls where the historical elections in USA have taken place, or even allowed the Egyptian Ambassador to inspect the US elections for […]

A State of Beggars Lengthens the Occupation

The Palestinian “prime minister” Salam Fayyad called on his people to boycott the Israeli products. Fayyad told reporters on Sunday weekly meeting that the boycott is in protest of the Israel’s withholding of funds to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority. Fayyad stated that the boycott should apply to all Israeli products, not just those made in […]

Egyptians Demand Amendments to Camp David Agreement

د. مهران: الشعب المصري يطالب في تعديل إتفاقية كامب ديفيد مع إسرائيل

During a friendly evening meeting on Dec. 4 2012 in a hotel in Vienna with Dr. Iman Mahran, a faculty member at the Arts Academy in Cairo, an artist and activist in the field of human rights, she said: “The most dangerous issue with […]

Female Students Not Allowed to Continue Their Academic Studies In The West Bank

On September 24, 2012, the Supreme Court rejected a petition filed by human rights groups Gisha and Al Mezan (HCJ 495/12 Izzat v. Minister of Defense) on behalf of five female students from the Gaza Strip who had asked to travel to the West Bank to continue their academic studies. The five students were enrolled […]

The Humanitarian Impact Of Israeli-Declared Ethnic Cleansing - Firing Zones - In The West Bank

 The UN Report As PDF

1. In the 1970s, Israel declared large swathes of the West Bank as “firing zones”, which are distinct from other closed military areas, such as those declared around Israeli settlements and between the Barrier and the Green Line. A Palestinian presence is formally prohibited in these zones […]

World Bank Complains About Inefficient PA Institutions

البنك الدولي يدعو السلطة الفلسطينية إلى تقليص نفقاتها وترشيد العمل في مؤسساتها
The President Who Can Be Described As A Fat Cat
ملايين عباس تقض مضاجع دافعي الضرائب في امريكا وبلاد الغرب

In a surprise new report of the World Bank about the Palestinian authority, the bank called for reducing the expenses of the Authority and the rationalization […]

Correspondence With an Israeli Soldier

Below are two E-mails which were sent to me by an Israeli reserve soldier, who says he served in the occupied Palestinian territory until 2005. The IDF soldier justified expelling me from my homeland Palestine in 2002 by saying: “You did provocations in the country, and deported”!!

The IDF soldier did not clarify in which city, […]

A Thirteen Year Old Girl in Israeli Jail

Israeli soldiers detained a thirteen-year- old girl from her home in the Old City of Hebron on Tuesday the 23rd of March.  At about 5:45 PM, CPTers followed four soldiers as they entered the girl’s home and ordered the entire family to the roof.  Once on the roof, a fifth soldier from a permanent post […]

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