The President Who Can Be Described As A Fat Cat

ملايين عباس تقض مضاجع دافعي الضرائب في امريكا وبلاد الغرب / ديمقراطية أم إرهاب سلطوي على الطريقة الأمريكية والإسرائيلية؟؟ /  إسرائيل تعتقل الفلسطينيين إداريا بناء على مطالب مقدمة إليها من السلطة الفلسطينية

A few days ago, on May 20 2012 I wrote an Arabic report under the title “Fat Cats Fighting“. With “Fat Cats” […]

Journalist Imprisonment For Writing About Gov. Corruption

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate has revealed last Monday March 26 2012 that the Palestinian prosecutors in Ramallah decided to arrest journalist Yosef Al-Shayeb for two days in order to complete an investigation against him after the Palestinian ambassador to France, Hayel Al-Fahoum, vice Safwat Al-Braghit and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Riyad Al-Maliki filed […]

Israeli Arsonist Sets Patagonia National Park Ablaze

Patagonia Belongs to the Jews? Said an Israeli Lives in Chile. Read more

An Israeli soldier set fire to the “Torres del Paine” national park in the southern region of Patagonia in Chile on past 28 December 2011, allegedly while “burning toilet paper”. Meanwhile (3 January 2012), the fire has consumed between 12.000 and […]

US Defense Minister and The Dirty Task to Launch a Mossad Agent

Israeli Channel 10 reported that the US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta arrived in Israel today Monday Oct. 3 2011, and will then travel to Egypt in order to complete the deal of releasing the Israeli spy Ilan Chaim Grapel / Grappelli, “Gerabil” (אילן גרפל ), an American-Israeli Mossad agent, a war criminal who participated in […]

Israels Bloody Spectacle in Eilat

What is behind the shooting spectacle in Eilat? Who planned and funded that bloody spectacle? What gains does the zionist occupation state promise itself from such a bloody spectacle of synthetic terror?

It would be wrong to believe that the hands of the Israeli intelligence system, (Shabak Police), Mossad, Amal and others, are clean of […]

US-Israeli Mossad Delivered Speechs at Al-Azhar Mosque

Read full story and see video

The investigation of Ilan Chaim Grapel / Grappelli, (אילן גרפל), an American-Israeli citizen being held in Egypt on espionage charges purportedly, revealed that he had entered the country on 28 January, the “Day of Anger”, with a US passport and a tourist visa and that mossad had tasked him with […]

Israeli Lessons in International Terror

Image from Gaza April 8 2011 during the Israeli airstrike.

Does Israel know that the mossad offers free lessons in international organized terror and crime to all rebels and radical movements, and that through their terror actions they are teaching them how to kidnap and murder Israelis in retaliation for the operations carried out by […]

Ukraine Govt Kidnaps Palestinian For Mossad

I recently wrote about the kidnapping of Dr. Dirar Abu-Sisi, the director of the Gaza power plant, in Ukraine. Now he has disclosed details about his kidnapping and his transfer to Israel through his lawyer of the PCHR. The PCHR calls for immediate release of Abu Sisi and considers his abduction and detention as a […]

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