Egypt: More Than 500 Sentenced to Death in Grotesque Ruling

Amnesty International– The death sentences handed down by an Egyptian court on March 25 2014 are a grotesque example of the shortcomings and the selective nature of Egypt’s justice system, Amnesty International said.

According to state media reports, in a single hearing this morning, the Minya Criminal Court sentenced 529 supporters of former President Mohamed Morsi […]

Egyptian Security Forces Invent Bogus Terrorist Cells to Serve Their Political Agenda

Arab Organisation for Human Rights in UK (AOHR UK) received a number of complaints from the families of students forcefully disappeared by security forces. Shortly after their disappearance, their families were shocked to see them on state-owned and pro-coup television channels confessing to crimes that could carry the death sentence. The families later learned, through […]

529 Morsi Backers Sentenced to Death in Egypt

By Sarah Benhaida – AFP – Cairo — A court ordered the execution of 529 supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi after only two hearings on Monday, in the largest such sentencing in Egypt’s modern history.

The unprecedented verdict, amid an extensive crackdown on Morsi supporters, is likely to be overturned on appeal, legal experts […]

Egyptian Judge Bans Hamas Activities in Egypt

إستياء فلسطيني من التخبط المصري وتصدير أزماته الداخلية إلى الشعوب المجاورة

Reuters – Associated Press – Agencies – An Egyptian court on Tuesday banned all activities of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas in Egypt.

“The court has ordered the banning of Hamas work and activities in Egypt,” a judge – who asked to remain anonymous – said, […]

Egypt Claims Miracle Cure For HIV and Hepatitis

تواصل السخرية العالمية من إكتشاف الجيش المصري لجهاز معالجة الايدز وفيروس الكبد سي
مصر: فضيحة “الايدز في الكفتة” تتفاعل.. ومطالبات للسيسي بالاعتذار للشعب
تقارير اكدت ان مخترع “الجهاز السحري” مجرد “معالج بالأعشاب” وليس لواء في الجيش

The Commetator – Ahmed Abdel-Raheem – Almost certainly a political miracle rather than a medical one, Egypt’s claim to have an instant […]

Blast Hits Tourist Bus in Sinai, Killing 4 and Injuring 29

نقل مصابي طابا للعلاج في مستشفى يوسفتال في مدينة إيلات في إسرائيل

Pic. Credit: AFP

Four people were killed and 29 others were injured on Sunday as an explosion ripped through a bus full of tourists on the Egyptian side of the Taba border.

Egyptian officials identified the casualties as three South Korean tourists and an […]

Egypt: Atrocity Crimes Perpetrated By State Bodies

مصر – منظمات حقوقية: جرائم مفزعة واعتداءات جنسية تتواطأ فيها أجهزة الدولة

Aida Seif al-Dawla – Egyptian Rights’ Organizations Demand Independent investigation into torture allegations – Victims speak of atrocious crimes committed by state bodies

The undersigned organizations call for an immediate, independent investigation into growing claims of the brutal torture and sexual assault of detainees held […]

Egypt As A Role Model: An Opportunity Lost

مصر تسير على خارطة الطريق إلى القمع

Open Democracy – Rawia M Tawfik Amer, a lecturer at the faculty of Economics and Political science, Cairo University. She holds the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford. She writes on issues of African political economy.

The January 25th uprising offered Egypt the opportunity to become […]

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