Flashback: Homo IDF Officer Rapes Teenager, Everybody Tries to Cover Up

In Palestine, under the Israeli occupation and the boundless criminal practices of the IDF, every unimaginable and never heard of horror is possible, while outside, most people never know or even  imagines these things to be possible. In Palestine it is not enough to steal the land, to build colonies for Jewish squatters, an apartheid […]

Palestinian Children Murdered by IDF Snipers

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Israeli snipers stationed in a watchtower on the edge of the squatter colony of Beit El near Ramallah have murdered four Palestinian Teenagers during the last 10 months. All the victims were students of the UN school for boys at the Al-Jalazun refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. […]

The Israeli Soldier Who Wants to Meet a Palestinian

Below is a fresh threat message which a psychopathic Israeli Golani soldier sent to me last July 30 2009. For over 20 years I experienced the horror of the Israeli soldiers in my homeland Palestine, never and for ever I will be able to forget the crimes and the daily harassment of Golani soldiers in […]

The UN: Giving Shit to Palestinians for over Sixty Years

Sorry to everybody for these impolite words about the UNRWA, I could not find other words to describe the situation, and things should be called by their name. Sorry also for showing these photos of dirty toilets unfit for human use, of urine, dirt and the polluted environment and unhealthy situation which is experienced by […]

A Bride and Groom in the Box of a Fire Engine

Last Saturday, 6 June 2009 at noon time, I traveled from Wien to Baden, about 26 kilometers south of Vienna. The weather was warm, pleasant and cloudy. I was walking in the streets with my camera, looking at everything around me, but without a specific objective. The face of my mother and the memories of […]

Diary From the Ruins of Gaza

In one of the most beautiful areas of Gaza, near the beach and the beautiful sea. The driver of our vehicle stopped in front of the ruins of a big house. Spontaneously I asked why we stopped near this particular house, said Austrian-Arab Dr. Tarek Afifi who was in Gaza with a delegation organized by […]

Survivor Testimony of Israeli Holocaust in Gaza

The Palestinian Center for the Defense of Prisoners confirmed that the Israeli occupation forces committed war crimes in a deliberate and planned way during its aggression “Operation Cast Lead” against the Gaza Strip, which lasted about 23 days. The IOF executed Palestinians who were arrested from their houses in cold blood, either by shooting them […]

Burning Books about Human Rights Due to Israeli Crimes

Have you ever studied in a tent during the cold winter? Have you ever studied in a tent over the rubble of your school? Have you ever lost your books in the demolition of your house and school? Have you ever burnt the books about “human right” as a protest against the continuous violations of […]

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