Israeli Soldier Wants to Demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque!

Below is a fresh e-mail which a psychopathic Israeli Golani soldier sent to me. The sender of the e-mail is an IDF soldier Yaacov benyamin ha-kohen ben-arieh (יעקב בנימין הכהן בן אריה), who wanted to make himself important by bullying, threatening and taking part in ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity which the Zionist organization […]

Borders Borders, An American Poem For You

ثوار سوريون دخلوا إسرائيل للعلاج وخرجوا عملاء ل – بني جانتس
إقتراح موجه للأخوة السوريين

By Chelli Stanley, an American woman in her late twenties who visited my occupied homeland Hebron, from where I was expelled by the Zionist Israeli occupation in 2002. Pictures Credit: CPT.

When I went through the border I heard a man
speak his name, […]

Christmas Memories From The Birthplace of Jesus

The wall of hatred around a Christian house in Bethlehem.

Nine years ago between 20 -27 December, as in several previous years, I moved from Hebron to Bethlehem to participate in the celebrations of the Christmas and to write about the event. I was staying at the residence of Bethlehem Bible College. Dr. Bishara […]

Palestine: State of Law and Women Rights?

Read in Arabic / Read in German.

In the presence and under the patronage of the Federal President of Austria, Dr. Heinz Fischer, the Former Federal Chancellor Dr. Franz Vranitzky and former Federal Minister Dr. Rudolf Scholten welcomed the President of the Executive Committee of the PLO and President of the Palestinian National Authority Dr. Mahmoud […]

An Artist In The Midst of My Grief

Before the earthquake.

In the midst of my grief I told myself “let me go out where I do not see or hear the news of the lying politicians or watch the TV falsifying the news about the catastrophes and disasters around the world and instead spreading rumors, lies and half-truths”. I got […]

Memories Of A Woman From USA - Video

Click here to see more pictures from Hebron. More pictures. More pictures. More pictures. More pictures from Hebron. More pictures. More pictures.

Chelli is a woman in her late twenties, a US citizen and a dissident. Two days later, she wrote me some of her memories from my homeland Hebron. She said: I wanted to give […]

Dublin Heritage: Culture, Art and Guinness

Click here to see more pictures from Dublin. Click here to see the ARABMED conference picture. Click here to see the more pictures from Trinity College.

Eight years ago I visited Dublin to help in the preparation of the Conference of Human Rights Defenders. I stayed in Dublin for more than two […]

Pages From The History Of Daniel Seaman

Shmuel Hollander is the current (2010) Israeli civil service commissioner, a former cabinet secretary under Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, until after the elections of 1996.

Hollander is a lawyer by profession. Hollander studied law at the Hebrew University, graduating in 1970, but he practiced something else and implemented the military laws in his position as […]

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Bild aus dem Parlament

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