Palestinian Police Arrests Director of Radio Bethlehem 2000

مخابرات عباس تواصل عربدتها ضد الصحقيين بهدف تكيميم أفواههم

Ramallah – 11.11.2013 : the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) is demanding  the immediate release of the Director of Radio Bethlehem 2000  journalist George Qanawati , who was arrested by the police from his home yesterday evening Nov. 10 2013.

Radio Bethlehem 2000 correspondent Arica [...]

A Sample of Jewish Philosophy From an Assimilated One

جاءني من إسرائيل: عينة من الفلسفة اليهودية لشعب الله المختار؟؟؟

ليفتينانت كولونيل عسكري درزي خدم في صفوف جيش الإحتلال الصهيوني في مدينة الخليل. وتورط في مجازر ابادة وتطهير عرقي ضد المواطنبن الفلسطينيين في مدينة جنين عام 2002, تقلد منصب ضابط الإرتباط العسكري في محافظة نابلس, ويعمل حاليا ضابطا قي فرع الإدارة العسكرية [...]

Massacre in Egypt: 2200 Killed as Police Swoop on Pro-Morsi Protests

According to فاث Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt, at least 2200 people were killed and 10,000 injured on Wednesday in a crackdown that turned into a bloodbath after Egyptian military snipers and security forces stormed two huge Cairo camps of protesters demanding the reinstatement of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected president [...]

Israel Exports Impure Magnesium To USA

Dr. Harb: From Ramallah To USA

During an interesting interview with Dr. Shawqi Harb at the 27th International Medical Convention of NAAMA held on June 29 – July 4, 2013 at Hilton Hotel in Vienna, he exposed how the israeli government exports impure Magnesium to the USA and how one of his sons, working at [...]

Life of Journalist in Hunger-strike Endangered

الرئيس عباس: نحن ننسّق أمنياً مع الجانب الإسرائيلي ولا نخجل ولن نخجل
الخسة والصلف والعنجهية والتكبر ماركة مسجلة لنهج الرئيس عباس وفقا لبيان حركة فتح؟؟؟

The EU has financed the construction of a number of jails in the Occupied Palestinian territories, and the EU has a police unit stationed in Ramallah, the so-called “EUPOL COPPS”, headed [...]

The Picture Which Imprisoned a Journalist

The picture published with this report earned Palestinian journalist Mamdouh Hamamreh one year in jail on charges of insulting President Mahmoud Abbas.

Hamamreh was charged by the Palestinian Magistrate’s Court of Fatah in Bethlehem over a photo posted on Facebook juxtaposing President Abbas besides a similar-looking man, Mamoun Baik, who plays the part of a [...]

Lawsuit Filed Against Obama Over Journalist's Murder in Iraq

On behalf of the wife of the Palestinian journalist Mazen Dana, a Reuter’s cameraman who was murdered by the US troops at Iraq, Palestinian lawyers for human rights have taken legal action against the US President Barak Obama upon his arrival in Israel as part of his Middle East tour. Read: Secret Burials in the [...]

Abbas Bribes a Journalist With Diplomatic Pass

تلكأ في إصدار مرسوم ملزم للمؤسسات الدولية بخصوص فلسطين كدولة مراقبة  
الرئيس عباس يرشو صحفيا بإهدائه جواز سفر دبلوماسي فلسطيني

Nobody knows the reasons that led Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to give a diplomatic position to Tunisian-Lebanese journalist Ghassan Ben Jeddo, who is well known as a pro-Syrian President Bashar al-Assad partisan.

Abbas, at the house [...]

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