Jewish Terrorists Vandalize 45 Cars in East Jerusalem

Jewish terrorists punctured the tires of dozens of Palestinian cars in annexed East Jerusalem on Monday in the latest so-called “price tag” hate crime

The tires of 34 vehicles in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina were punctured overnight Sunday, and the writing “Goyim in the country = enemies” was sprayed in Hebrew on a [...]

Farewell of Iranian Ambassador Soltanieh

I was surprised to be invited to the farewell reception for Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh, the Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the IAEA and the International Organizations at the UN in Vienna, an invitation which I accepted.

I have known the Ambassador for several years now for his reasoned speeches at the IAEA [...]

Mubarak Leaves Jail For Hospital Under House Arrest

المؤتمر العام السابع للمصريين في الخارج يستند على حائط مائل في أوروبا

CAIRO – AFP – Egypt’s toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak was transferred from prison to house arrest at a military hospital on Thursday, in a move overshadowed by a blistering crackdown against his Islamist successors. The former strongman, forced to quit in [...]

Cairo massacre: After today, what Muslim will ever trust the ballot box again?

روبرت فيسك: بعد مجزرة القاهرة الإسلاميون لن يثقوا بصناديق الاقتراع مرة أخرى

Robert Fisk – Independent – Wednesday 14 August 2013 -  This marks a tragic turning point, from which it will take Egypt years to recover  – The Egyptian crucible has broken. The “unity” of Egypt – that all-embracing, patriotic, essential glue that has bound [...]

Egypt PM Says Won't Rule Out Brotherhood Role in Government

السيسي المنقلب على الديمقراطية.. حجز بذلك مكانه عند مبارك
شامخة بشموخ أهراماتك.. فلا تبالي يا مصر العزيزة
صناعة إعلامية مفبركة ومتخصصة… تبريرات قتل المصريين العزل على الهواء مباشرة
هل الديمقراطية محلية الصنع…  تختلف عن الديمقراطية المصدرة للمستوردين
البوشية الجديدة تتردد على ألسنة الفلول ومن وآلاهم

CAIRO – AFP – Egypt’s appointed Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawi said on Thursday he does [...]

Dr. Sanaç Ruft Junge Muslime dazu auf, Frieden zu stiften

المعارضة السورية غير متفائلة من قرارات دول الاتحاد الأوروبي
لماذا تراجعت المظاهرات السورية في ساحة شتيفانز بلاتز في النمسا؟؟

Am letzten Freitag, dem 31. Mai 2013, hat Dr. Phil. Fuat Sanaç, Präsident der Islamischen Glaubensgemeinschaft in Österreich (IGGiÖ), die wichtigsten Vertreter der Muslime in Wien zu einem Abendessen anlässlich eines „2. Tag der Solidarität“ der [...]

Austria to Host Secret Negotiations Between Palestinians and Israelis?

Austrian President Heinz Fischer deferred my question about the efforts of this country to host Palestinian – Israeli negotiations, posted to him during the joint press conference with President Abbas earlier today.

The question was: political news have surfaced about the Austrian government’s efforts to host Palestinian-Israeli negotiations on Austrian territory. Which would your comment about [...]

Abbas: Honor Killings Benefit Women!!

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas promised several times that he would change the shameless laws protecting perpetrators of “honor killings”. But this did not happen. Abbas has backtracked on his promises. Today Dec. 25 2012, Ma’an News Agency reported that Abbas “has no plans to outlaw honor killings”.

The Palestinians believe that the reason for the [...]

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