Israeli Colonists Burn Abu Haikel Olive Grove For Eighth Time

Christian Peace Maker Team and Palestinian media have reported that on Sunday, 28 July that zionist settlers from Tel Rumeida set fire to Hani Abu Heike’s olive grove under the protection of the Israeli occupation army.  The Abu Haikel family has lived in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood for generations, and has been under […]

Israeli Soldiers Detain Palestinian Five-year-old In Hebron, Videos

B’Tselem for Human Rights has written urgently to the Legal Adviser in the occupied Palestinian territories, demanding his response to a grave incident in which soldiers detained a five-year-old boy in Hebron for two hours, after he threw a stone. The soldiers threatened the child and his parents, handcuffed and blindfolded the father, and handed […]

Soldiers Detain, Interrogate Child in Hebron

CPT – Hebron – Children suspected of stone-throwing are routinely held without access to family or legal counsel, as required by International Humanitarian Law

On 16 June, CPTers found Israeli soldiers questioning young children in the street outside the CPT house. Soldiers accused them of throwing rocks up at a soldier stationed high on the rooftop […]

New Israeli Military Order Ineffectual in Safeguarding Child Detainees

DCI – Palestinian minors often suffer some form of physicial violence within the first 48 hours after arrest.

Read: Palestinian Children Face Forced Expulsion From Their Homes. Occupied Childhoods Video

Ramallah, 3 April 2013—Military Order 1711 came into effect Tuesday, reducing the maximum time a Palestinian child can be detained by Israeli authorities prior to appearing […]

Photos: See How Palestine Turns Into Abu Ghraib

الشرطة الفلسطينية تعدم إمرأة فلسطينية في سياق عمليات التنسيق الأمني
صورة فضائحية: بعثة كوبس الأوروبية تدرب الفلسطينين على انتهاك القانون الدولي
أخبار الجاليات في المهجر

Since when is the EU militarizing civilian Police?? (Pic: COPPS)

On last May 8, 2013, a Palestinian woman identified as Khaleda Tayseer Quazbeh, 30, a mother of 13 children from Al-Minia in the […]

Ethnic Cleansing Continues Under Peace Initiative, Video

كيف ترى فتح اليوم ..؟ فياض إذ يتطاول على الثورة
ما هكذا تورد الإبل يا سفارة فلسطين في برلين

Israeli soldiers and border police used a backhoe to uproot 200 young olive trees in the Palestinian village of Susya in the South Hebron Hills on 23 April.  The demolition of the olive grove began at […]

Borders Borders, An American Poem For You

ثوار سوريون دخلوا إسرائيل للعلاج وخرجوا عملاء ل – بني جانتس
إقتراح موجه للأخوة السوريين

By Chelli Stanley, an American woman in her late twenties who visited my occupied homeland Hebron, from where I was expelled by the Zionist Israeli occupation in 2002. Pictures Credit: CPT.

When I went through the border I heard a man
speak his name, […]

Urgent Petition to European Union: Save Palestinian Prisoners lives

From- The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) – We the undersigned organisations call on the European Union to take practical steps in stopping Israel’s continued violation of human rights through its abuse of Palestinian prisoners.

We call on all politicians, European institutions and NGOs to take prompt action to safeguard the lives of Palestinian prisoners from imminent […]

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