Zionist Forces Arrest Camel in Bethlehem

ما هي حكاية المرأة المسنة مع السفارة المصرية في النمسا؟؟
قوات الإحتلال تعتقل جمل ودجاجة ومالكهم في بيت لحم

The israeli occupation forces in the district of Bethlehem arrested a camel yesterday under the pretext that it had entered into a “military zone”. The event took place near the Al-Rashaide village east of Bethlehem city in the […]

Prague Explosion: Are PA Embassies Smuggling Weapons for the CIA?

ماذا وراء مقتل سفير فلسطين في براغ. أقرأ في العربية في نهاية التقرير

Update: Jan. 29 2014 – Why has the Czech Republic not yet released the results of the investigation into the death of the Palestinian Ambassador Jamal Muhammad al-Jamal, who was killed by explosives found in his house on […]

Egyptian Boy Arrested For Revolution Symbol On Ruler

السلطات المصرية تحتجز طالبا لدى اكتشاف المدرس ان لديه قرطاسية توحي بشعار رابعة

Schoolboy detained after teacher discovers ruler and notebooks with Rabaa sign, a symbol of opposition to Morsi’s overthrow

Patrick Kingsley in Cairo – theguardian.com, Tuesday 10 December 2013

Scissors and compasses are traditionally considered the most dangerous items in a student’s pencil case. But for […]

Former Police Officer Murdered in Bethlehem, EU COPPS Suspect

Former Palestinian Police officer Hasan Mubarak Abu Mahameed, political prisoner in Israel and activist of Fatah, was shot dead by the paramilitary police of the PA in Al-Fureidis (al-Asakira) east of Bethlehem on Monday.

Mr. Abdullah Abu Hadid, a Fatah activist who went to the hospital of Beit Jala to calm the angry Palestinians gathering […]

EU Expresses Concern About PA Unlawful Arrests

Finally, the European Union expressed concern over the continuing violations of the Palestinian Authority (PNA Militia) for Human Rights!  

COPPS training the PA police to drag prisoners around in a miserable way? (Pic: COPPS)

The European Union has expressed its concern about the Palestinian Authority unlawful arrests and ill treatment, freedom of assembly, freedom of […]

Egypt: Morsy’s Ex-Aides Forcibly Disappeared

منظمة حقوقية تتهم مصر بإخفاء خمسة من مساعدي الرئيس المصري المخلوع

150 Days Later, Whereabouts Unknown – New York – Human Rights Watch– The Egyptian military has detained five members of former president Mohamed Morsy’s administration at an undisclosed location without judicial process and with very little outside contact since July 3, 2013. Almost five months […]

EU involved in Implanting Israeli Colonies In Palestine

وزارة الثقافة الفلسطينية تطلع على النقد الموجه لفيلم – السرقة الكبرى

European Union, News – On November 27th, Michael Deas, ECCP representative and coordinator in Europe with the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), gave a talk in the European Parliament about European businesses involvement in illegal Israeli settlements. It was the first time […]

Egypt: Heavy Prison Sentence For Minors Women

مصر: أحكام مشددة وقاسية على طالبات بينهن قاصرات والأزهر يفصل سبعمائة طالب

Cairo – Associated Press  –  An Alexandrian misdemeanors court sent shock-waves through Egypt on Wednesday when it sentenced 21 young girls, aged 15 to 22, to serve 11 years in prison for holding a peaceful protest supporting the ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsy on […]

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