Vienna: Conference On The Syrian Conflict

A conference under the title “The Syrian Conflict and the Promotion of Reconciliation and its Implications for International Security” will be held on 6 and 7 February 2014 at Studio Building of the Academy of Fine Arts at Vienna University. The conference has been organized by Institute for Near Eastern Studies at the University of [...]

Protests Lead to Arrest of Journalists and Lawyers

لا للتصعيد بين الأخوة المصريين في النمسا, ورأب الصدع واجب وطني وأخلاقي

Tuesday – November, 26 2013 – 35 Egyptian activists were arrested by the Egyptian security forces during a peaceful protest organized by the “No to Military Trials for Civilians” movement outside of the Shura Council in Cairo. The protesters were expressing their rejection against [...]

Corruption Is The Thief Of Economic And Social Development

سفير مصر ووزير خارجيتها السابق في حفل داعم للسياحة في مصر
نعم السفير شمعة يرفض التأليه ويحب الأطفال
لا  -  سفير مصر الحالي في النمسا ليس بسفير مصر السابق

Panama CITY – Vienna, November 25 3014 – “Corruption is the thief of economic and social development; stealing the opportunities of ordinary people to progress and to prosper,” said [...]

Corruption And Development

هل ضايقت القبضة الحديدة مطربة الأوبرا الصباغ؟؟
الفنان سمير الأسكندراني تاريخ وطني وفني مشرف
رسالة الإسكندراني للسفير شمعة: بوجوه أطفالنا نرى مستقبل مصر

The Fifth Session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption in Panama City (25-29 November 2013)

Panama City – Vienna, 24 November – The United Nations Office on Drugs [...]

The Ugly Face of Egypt After The Military Coup

جامعة الأزهر على طريق الهاوية تسير – والعدالة تحولت لدمية قبيحة في يد العسكر؟

The entire Egyptian society was shocked and dismayed to see Al-Azhar University students were sentenced to prison terms of 17 years and a fine of 64 thousand each, (about $ 92400) because of a peaceful protest against the dictator leader of Al [...]

President Reiterates Confidence in the Federal Government

 الرئيس النمساوي هاينز فيشر يجدد ثقته في الحكومة المؤقتة

On Tuesday 1st of October 2013, two days after the announcement of the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections of last Sunday September 29 2013, the current Austrian government headed by Chancellor Werner Faymann offered its resignation to President Heinz Fischer in accordance to the [...]

UN Vote For Israeli Nuclear Weapon

Noon Session In Favour of Israel at IAEA

On Friday September 20 2013, on the last day of the 57th General Conference held in Vienna, fifty one member states of the IAEA voted in favour of Israel keeping its nuclear weapons and against a draft resolution (GC(57)1.3) submitted by the Arab States regarding israeli “Nuclear [...]

Noon Session In Favour of Israel at IAEA

إجحاف بحق فلسطين في الدورة 57 من المؤتمر العام لوكالة الطاقة الذرية
شاهد بالصور دبلوماسيون نيام في مؤتمر وكالة الطاقة الذرية

Why did the organisers of the plenary sessions of the IAEA 57th General conference delay the speech of the Palestinian delegation until the middle of the night of Sep. 19 2013, the last available slot? [...]

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