Israeli Terrorists Torched the Greek Orthodox Church Monastery in Jerusalem

The Greek Orthodox Church monastery of Sion in Jerusalem was set on fire and vandalized early on Thursday. Hate graffiti denigrating Jesus sprayed on one of the walls of the Holy place.

The area where the latest attack occurred is one of the more vulnerable areas concerning price tag terrorist’s attacks. In the past two years, […]

Man Arrested for Decorating Christmas Tree

فنانة فلسطينية من النمسا تحلم باقامة معرض بحيفا
فنانة تشكيلية فلسطينية – نمساوية تتساءل: كيف أعرض لوحات القدس والمعتقلين في مسقط رأسي حيفا؟؟

According to a report from Maan newspaper, last Tuesday Mustafa al-Arraj, a Palestinian man from Bethlehem, was detained and tortured by the goons of the most excellent Mahmoud Abbas, the protector of zionist criminals, […]

Cairo massacre: After today, what Muslim will ever trust the ballot box again?

روبرت فيسك: بعد مجزرة القاهرة الإسلاميون لن يثقوا بصناديق الاقتراع مرة أخرى

Robert Fisk – Independent – Wednesday 14 August 2013 –  This marks a tragic turning point, from which it will take Egypt years to recover  – The Egyptian crucible has broken. The “unity” of Egypt – that all-embracing, patriotic, essential glue that has bound […]

Jerusalem Between Zionists Theft and PLO Ignorance

There is a big difference between what zionist israel did to capture the occupied Jerusalem in 1967 and what the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), reborn as the “National Authority”, did to Jerusalem, the Palestinian people and our legitimate national rights.

At a time when israel is making efforts to move the US, EU and […]

Terrorist Jews Wrote: Christians Are Monkeys

On 31 May 2013, the Catholic Church of the Dormition in Jerusalem was vandalized and tires of two vehicles parked outside it were punctured overnight Thursday in a suspected “price tag” attack.

The words “Jesus is a monkey” Christian slaves”, “Christians are monkeys” and “Havat Maon” were written in Hebrew along with other slogans that talked […]

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