Why does Israel keep the bodies of Palestinian citizens after their execution?

The holding of the bodies of Palestinians after their execution by Israeli soldiers is a continuation of their detention. It represents the worst manifestation of Zionism’s sadism and fascism in the history of the occupation.

Three years have passed since the Israeli occupying forces executed Palestinian citizen Master Yasser Fawzi Al-Shweiki, 40, a Hebron District Court clerk. […]

Sisi won 96.91 Percent in Egypt's Presidential Election

Today’s Zaman.com – June 3, 2014 – Former Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi secured a landslide victory in the country’s presidential vote last week, the election commission confirmed on Tuesday.

Turnout was about 47 percent of Egypt’s 54 million voters, the commission said – less than the 40 million votes, or 80 percent of the […]

Egypt: Time To Back Down

المؤسسات والجمعيات العربية تتجاهل دماء المصريين وتشغل نفسها بالتسول والموائد الرمضانية
الغارديان: يجب رد الإعتبار لمرسي.. حان وقت التراجع

Editorial – The Guardian, Sunday 28 July 2013 22.15 BST    
In the immediate future, the decisions of the army, and what are probably now its rather nervous civilian allies, are critical – The impasse into which Egypt has […]

Egypt: A Revolution Bought for $6 Billion

الجيش المصري يرتكب مجزرة ضد متظاهري الإخوان ويواصل نشر الأكاذيب حول حيثياتها

June 8 2013 – At least 51 were massacred and over 500 injured among them hundreds in critical condition after the Egyptian army snipers fired at the Muslim Brotherhood protest against the military coup outside facility where the first elected Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi […]

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