After I was forced by the Israeli occupation forces to leave my home Hebron in Palestine, I fled to Vienna, Austria, where I currently live. Prior to my exile I had a career of over 22 years working as a journalist for various newspapers and TV stations in Palestine. Among others engagements, I worked for Al-Quds and Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Al-Ittihad Newspaoer in Haifa, Al-Fajr, daily newspapers, Al-Manar weekly newspaper, Al-Osbo’a Al-Jadid monthly magazine and Al-Majd TV, destroyed by the IDF after I went into exile. My work language was Arabic. I also worked at the English weekly Jerusalem Times newspaper.

Apart from my professional practice and journalism study, I attended courses at Columbia University, UN office in New York, Birzeit University, Bet Berel Institute, among others. I am a member of the (PJS) and of the (IFJ) in Brussels.

I also made several documentary films together in coordination with other documentary producers, related to the situation in Hebron while I lived there: Hebron City without Mercy, Detained and Borders. The films were censored by the Israeli military because the producer was an Israeli leftist. Short pieces from Detained and Hebron City without Mercy are posted in different articles on my site.

I started my online diary in October of 2001, while still living in Palestine. This came as a result of the daily harassment by the Israeli military and Police who were stationed on the rooftop of my house. There military who denied me the basic right to live quiet and to practice my journalistic work in Hebron and Palestine. In the mean time my website has grown to far more than a personal diary into a political website which has been used by others as a reference, and many of my articles of the past years have had far more readers than during my times working for the established media in Palestine and Israel.

I am still faced with the Israeli threats and problems in my exile. My writing also has brought some enemies but far more friends. I changed the format of my site to a weblog. I hope that I will be able to bring the truth to my readers and to raise the awareness about the criminality of Israel actions against my people.

This website is my personal and independent effort. I receive no payments or influence from any political parties about what I write here.

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The pictures used on this website are Copyright (c) 1997 and later by Kawther Salam, except when stated otherwise. I do my best to give correct attribution of the sources of pictures which I use here and are not my own, but this is not always possible.

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Advertising? Werbung? Click on the picture below. Klicken Sie auf das Bild unten. kawther [dot] salam [at] gmail [dot] com

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