European Union countries are facing an unprecedented wave of protests

Despite the cold, stormy and rainy weather, massive rallies were staged in downtown Vienna calling on the government to step down and stop wasting public money on useless corona vaccines.

Although the government has announced its arbitrary process of forcing the useless Corona vaccine on citizens, courts have been intervened to prevent it.

Tens of thousands of citizens took part in the rallies today and they called on the government to stop this waste of taxpayers’ money and stop preventing citizens from going about their normal lives. Because there is no general protection against infection with seasonal colds, which the government calls the “omicron” virus.

Police infiltrated the crowd of protesters in an apparent provocation, using pepper spray and arresting several participants, including one of the protest organizers.

On January 26th, 2022, the President of the Council of the European Union, Charles Michel, visited Austria and met with the government and Chancellor Karl Nehammer with the aim of relaxing the corona measures. Because the current European policy requires a relaxation of the restrictions on citizens, so that the way for the recovery of a life in nature is made possible.

The countries of the European Union are facing an unprecedented wave of protests, which could also lead to the fall of European governments if the cycle of political intransigence against the populations continues.

Since the first day of the President’s visit, Austria has announced that it will relax the Corona measures, confirming that these are top-level political measures of the Union and change according to the international political agendas with which the European Union is connected and which it owns populations dictated.

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