Corona vaccination: a blatant violation of our rights as human beings

After a long refusal, I finally went to the “Austria Center” in Vienna, which has recently become famous as a vaccination center against the so-called “corona epidemic”. I came under strong psychological pressure, which the Austrian government was illegally exerting by forcing people to be vaccinated against the “corona epidemic”, although all vaccinations have been shown to have failed to prevent infection in times of the epidemic.

But the government’s measures in case imposed on hospital admissions forced me to go to the vaccination center “Austria Center”. Not because I believe in the effectiveness and importance of vaccination or because of the risk of corona, but in order to overcome the siege or barrier on entry in hospitals. Where the patients are held like hostages or administrative prisoners and the worst psychological pressure is put on them and their families. The government claims that its measures have been taken as a precautionary measure, so that patients do not become infected during the epidemic.

The laws of the “corona epidemic,” or what the government calls “corona measures,” are in their entirety emergency laws, comparable to those imposed during times of military rule by many Western countries when they occupied their poor neighboring countries.

On December 31, 2021, I received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccination center “Austria Center” was almost deserted, contrary to the claims of the state television ORF in its contradictory news. The ORF always claims that the vaccination centers are overcrowded with people who would queue up to be vaccinated.

So right after I received the first dose of the “Pfizer” shot, I was asked to stay in the waiting room for another half hour. I did that, but then I got very dizzy and went straight to the emergency room at the immunization center for treatment. A group of nurses surrounded me – they took off my mask, gave me oxygen, water and other first aid, measured blood pressure, diabetes and heart. And the examination was repeated three times.

However, the doctors, or the rescue team, refused to give me a copy of the medical report of the three-hour stay in their department. Then when they let me go, I was almost unable to walk or concentrate!

And I started to have severe pains in my arms, headaches, and flare-ups with a high temperature.
At night the doctor came to check on my health. He prescribed me painkillers and said the pain would go away in at least three or four days. The pain didn’t go away the way the doctor said. And I started to feel changes in my body. I became unusually irritable, my appetite was blocked and I quickly lost ten kilos! To this day I still have the same symptoms. Loss of appetite, weight loss, muscle pain and leg cramps. And on the side where I got the vaccine I can’t sleep anymore. I visited my family doctor and she prescribed me various remedies.

Then, on January 26, 2022, I went back to the Austria Center to receive the second dose of the Corona vaccine from “Pfizer”. And that’s because my husband is still being “held in hospital without charge” and every visit to him is conditional on getting vaccinated twice.

The center was almost empty of visitors – there were no more than 10. There I explained to doctors what happened to me after receiving the first dose of the “Pfizer” vaccine. But no one really paid any attention to me. I ended the procedure by signing and adding two words, “under pressure,” to my signature, meaning that the signature and vaccination took place under government pressure on me.

In the vaccination room I wanted to make sure about the type and content of the vaccine “Pfizer”, but the nurse refused to allow me to do that. A clear breach of the law. She said she doesn’t know for sure herself, but the bowl in front of her is full of ready-made vaccine-filled syringes that were delivered to her by another nurse, and the room she’s sitting in is for the “Pfizer” vaccine and there was a small piece of paper under the syringe with “Pfizer” handwritten on it!

The nurse insisted that she could not allow me to see for myself what the dose was and what was in it. She said I’ll just inject her.

Shame on the government for treating us in a way that is against the law! But at least I managed to sign on the vaccination document that this was done under pressure.

And hours after the injection, a new round of pain began that lasted into the night. And when I dialed the number for the emergency doctor, the on-call center even refused to register my data with my name and health insurance number – because the call was about the vaccination. I was just advised to take more painkillers.

This is Corona politics, it is politics and industry, a clear violation of the country’s constitution and our rights.

Even family doctors refuse to register the side effects of the vaccination in the patient files sent to the health system. They are not allowed to because the Ministry of Health forbids them to do so. It’s really that disgusting.

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