Journalistic notes about the patient who has incorrect treating at a famous Hospital in Vienna.

Episode 3 By: Kawther Salam

When I called the acute care team at 8:49 p.m. on December 13, 2021, I wanted to make an appointment with them to work together to help an Austrian patient (RD) to provide him with the best possible help with the pain of his diabetic ulcers alleviated in his right leg.

The nursing team arrived at the patient’s home at 12:45 p.m. on December 14 and I showed them the pictures of his diabetic wounds on his leg.

The particularly friendly nursing team decided to take the patient to the hospital for wound examination and treatment.

The patient demanded to know which hospital he should be sent to before they would take him away.

The patient specifically asked the medical team not to take him to the Hietzing hospital!

He stated that there had been a dispute between him and a dermatologist on October 1st, 2021 and as early as September and that he did not want to return to the dermatology clinic in Hietzing Hospital so as not to visit this doctor again and to expect the consequences of the past dispute have to.

The patient complained about the poor treatment he received there.

He said that the cleaning staff took him out of the emergency clinic building in the evening while he was in a wheelchair and wearing shorts and was freezing. And then the cleaners pushed him into an external container used to store rubbish from the emergency clinic! The workers simply said they had to do their job. All I could do was wait under the trees for the ambulance to take him home, and I was freezing too.

A nurse who heard this (December 14, 2021) commented: This was unfriendly behavior and she added that she was sure that the dermatologist who was to be expected now would be very nice and she promised that the patient is treated nicely there.

On Oct. 1, 2021, the patient’s brother (W.G.) arrived at the hospital at 6:00 p.m., but he did not find his brother at the ACCIDENT clinic. He called me to ask me about him. The patient was simply prevented from waiting in the accident department because the cleaning work had started and he has to go to “hell”??? The patient sought shelter under the trees.

Members of the care team insisted not to transfer the patient to any hospital other than Hietzing Hospital, claiming that the Corona measures did not allow them to transport the patient to any hospital other than the one closest to where he lives.

And on the same day, December 14, the doctor of the Dermatological Clinic of the Hietzing EMERGENCY Hospital also decided that the patient should return home after his wound was cleaned and after receiving the results of the blood tests performed on him.

He prescribed him antibiotics for ten days at three pills a day and gave him the exit papers from the hospital clinic. Then the patient was asked to wait for the ambulance to come to take him home.

The patient called me and asked if I could wait for him at home because he was waiting for the ambulance to take him back!

But what happened next while the patient waited for the ambulance to come for his transport back home

Instead of returning home, a nurse came and took him to the psychiatric ward! And she didn’t tell him where he was being taken. And why.

The answer to this question is still pending. And the doctors gave no explanation for this very surprising and strange behavior!

So the puzzling question that the hospital has not answered is: why was the patient transferred from the dermatology outpatient clinic to the psychiatric ward after the dermatologist decided to take the patient home and take antibiotics there for 10 days?

I believe I have the right to ask if this matter is related to the above-mentioned previous arguments between the patient and the dermatologist, which were laced with angry insults, perhaps temporarily uttered? It is worth noting that the argument, who broke out with the patient on October 1, 2021 and perhaps also in December in the Hietzing Hospital, related to the Corona measures and that this dispute developed into a verbal argument in which the patient may have taken offense at the practice of these procedures and towards the doctors themselves.

The patient told me that the doctor had told him that obesity was one of the causes of his illness and that he had replied by saying: “You also suffer from obesity and you need to take care of your health because … – maybe the patient used harsh words, I really don’t know.

I heard the above alleged statements from the patient. However, I did not pursue the allegations about the content of these verbal utterances, thinking it was petty. So I never thought that this could have such a negative impact in the near future.

In any case, I didn’t agree with the patient’s answers either, but that’s the way he is! And his answers have absolutely nothing to do with insanity! As he is, I have known him for more than 20 years.

Even if the patient was very “sharp” in his answers and in his conversation with the doctor – that is no reason to “punish” him so severely in this way that he is injected in such a way that he gets into a state , on the basis of which one can rightly say that one has injected a mental illness! This happened on December 15, 2021!

So I hereby emphatically declare my rejection of this extreme “punishment” of the patient by the medical staff. Injecting a mental injection that will, among other things, rob him of his memory! Besides, it’s quite a poor skill to treat poor patients like that. Doctors who coordinate such treatment must at least be responsible for all the consequences that the patient suffers from it!

Who should ever say thank you to doctors who have sent a patient to treat his wounds and who instead inject him with “mental” shots that cause him paralysis, deprive him of consciousness, memory, right thinking and the joy of life, and reading, etc., etc.!

How can it be justified to inflict such harsh treatment on the patient – even if there has been a dispute between him, the doctors and the nurse? What laws should legitimize such treatment?

The doctors’ marginal attempts at answering this case are insufficient and seem to me nonsensical. Her actions were dangerous and can be considered a serious threat to the patient’s life.

The hospital’s medical team must face the consequences of giving the patient a mental injection, with all the implied consequences of that action. And then went on to announce that he was incompetent and unable to make his own decisions and needed a representative to act on his behalf. And that they then have the courage to offer to provide this representative themselves!

The patient got into his predicament without the necessary, serious diagnoses having been made beforehand!

When would the volume of his voice or verbal insults ever justify destroying a patient’s personality, oppressing him, committing him to a psychiatric hospital, and injecting himself with mental illness?

The most outrageous thing after these attacks is to continue with similar treatments and to keep him in this hospital under the pretense of being able to offer him better care here. The truth about this last point is to also use the patient’s stay to generate financial income for as long a period as possible. 

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