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Our Reparations as Victims of Genocide

I have never been much a defender of Hamas [1], but now I can only give them my respect for dealing with the zionists in the only language they know: showing them no tolerance for their continuous crimes and not giving in to their injustice despite suffering over 140 years of continuous oppression at their hands.

Hamas has done with the zionists what everybody should do with bullies and tyrants everywhere: stare them down and punch them in the nose, damn the consequences. Bullies only learn when their regular displays of excessive and unwarranted force stop scaring the victims. Like all bullies and tyrants, the zionists are cowardly thieves who some years ago came asserting that they had come to reclaim “their” promised land, never minding that only about 5% of all israeli jews can legitimately claim to be related to Semites [2] of any kind. (Eine kurze Erklärung von Anti-Semitismus [3]).

The sad truth about the zionists who came to our land to proclaim “their” homeland for all jews and shout at the top of their lungs that they were the people who had entered into a treaty with God as described in Genesis 15 of the christian bible is that they are but cheap tricksters, fraudulent impostors, pillagers and cut-throats. They show their true character by the lawless treatment to which they have subjected us Palestinians, which in NO way corresponds to the laws of God as described in the Bible, not since 1948 but since about 1880, when the first hordes of these monsters found their way to our homeland.

It was then when the criminal clan of the (XXX) started importing them from eastern Europe, reviving the hebrew language and convincing them to speak it instead of their native “yiddish” to make them appear more semitic [3], what they are not.

In any case, the punch in the nose which they deservedly received from Hamas, caused the zionists to react with excessive force like always, dropping hundreds of 1000 pound laser guided bombs on Gaza, which was already a concentration camp in ruins.

The current altercation was provoked, as always, by the zionists entering Al-Aqsa mosque and beating up parishioners there and then kicking the Palestinian inhabitants out of the Al Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem in order to engage in pillage and looting, and to give the stolen houses to jews.

This all would constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity etc. in a normal country, but the fraudulent jurists of the zionists somehow always make these things go away. One can also never forget the influence of the USA, who will happily engage in and support judicial actions (lawfare) against anyone who so much as looks sideways at their “most cherished ally”.

After decades of crimes perpetrated by the Zionists in Palestine, The USA, israel and Europe resorted to a shameless trick in true (XXX) tradition, hosted by the European city of Madrid [4].

The western powers invented the so-called peace negotiations in order to cover the theft by Israel of all what was left of Palestinian land. Also in (XXX) tradition, these “negotiations” were meant to be dishonest and fraudulent from the beginning, like the “negotiations” conducted before WW1 and WW2.

The west went so far, without the knowledge of the Palestinians people, to select a weak group of traitors from among the Palestinians, representatives of  the PLO, who only cared about money to enrich themselves and their grandchildren. The choice of the West fell on Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, who’s father was working as a broker to sell lands in one of the Arab countries.

Abbas lead the secret negotiations of so-called “peace” with the Zionists under the cover of the Western powers. The fraudulent negotiations were presented to the public only after years, and presented to the Palestinian people as the only way of salvation to end the Zionist occupation of their Palestinian land and establish their state. As we see today, this was a lie and a fraud like all previous “negotiations” conducted under the auspices of the dishonest (XXX).

I have wondered since many years when the world will realize that in allying with these cowardly crooks makes them look like the master of all crooks despite their sanctimonious opinion about themselves.

Worse yet, all through the territories graciously left to my people, one can see nationals of the USA and various European nations looting, pillaging, murdering, committing shameful and merciless acts against Palestinians. All these foreigners also look mentally unbalanced (crazy). That makes me think that they are incapable of responsible thought.

The USA and Europe, in few words, have dumped their whole criminally insane class on us and they have so converted Palestine into a blight on humanity. Benjamin Netanyahu, “Bibi” is but one example of these psychopaths, a mass murderer who probably had part in the death of his own brother “Yonatan Netanyahu” in Entebbe [5]. Another example is Martin van Creveld [6], an “academic” who writes about war. He was obviously sent to scare the Europeans some years back. He back then explained the “Samson option” to them in an interview. He said that israel had “lots of” (about 200) atomic bombs and, should anything happen to israel, all European capitals would be targets.

I do not understand how van Creveld [7] and those behind him are not called psychopaths after that stunt, and I do not understand how israel as a whole is not seen as the enemy of all EU and all countries after that stunt??

Martin van Creveld, a professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, was quoted in 2003 giving explicit support of the Samson Option: “Most European capitals are targets for our air force … we have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”[41]


Yet another example of these criminally insane people is Jared, the spouse of former President Trumps [8] daughter Ivanka [9], who like to style himself as a “just” one. He is reputed to have been the head of Kach, a conglomerate of terrorists with origins in New York who were known for many murders and acts of pillage throughout the West Bank. They had to change their name, because even among zionists, crimes against humanity don’t look well. I think that former President Trump, who says that he is a man who respects the law of God, should look into this. I think that the USA should reserve place in their vast prison system for when they decide to take their criminally insane from our country. I equally think that all European nations should make place in their prisons for these criminal impostors and fraudsters, who they dumped on my country.

I also think that the USA, England and all European countries owe us Palestinians massive amounts of compensation for all the crimes which THEIR criminally insane classes have been perpetrating since almost one and half centenia against us Palestinians.

In the meantime the zionists will continue dropping oversized bombs on that open skies concentration camp, Gaza. Hamas will not stop shooting rockets because even for the lawless zionists, enough is enough. Enough pillage, enough crimes, enough misery.

Abbas will continue embezzling EU monies and leaving the people to continue suffering hunger and the EU will continue feeling good for having paid off a corrupt despot.

Europe has pumped millions of European people’s taxes to support the Palestinian Authority, which it has chosen, in order to protect zionist israel and lengthening the age of the zionist occupation in the Palestinian territories.

The democratic Europe and USA trained Mr. Abbas and a military group around him to form a dictatorial regime capable of suppressing the Palestinian people in order to protect the Israeli occupation, then the group was named as Palestinian Authority according the secret negotiations and Oslo agreement. It is just a gang of Palestinians or a new regime that has become established by the West to be a strong ally of USA, Europe for protecting the zionist Israel.

The tasks of this gang are limited to embezzling European grant money, coordinating with Israel to arrest and suppress the Palestinian resistance, and assassinate the political leaders of the opposition factions.

Germany showed their “gratitude” by building the largest prison for women [10] in Palestine, that they claimed was built according to international standards, in order to have a suitable place to torture and suppress the Palestinian opposition and the academics critical of the new dictatorial regime, the so-called “Palestinian Authority” under the Oslo Agreement, while the generous Germans provided israel with six submarines [11] loaded with Nuclear heads in exchange for building a miserable prison in Palestine ??

Europe was also generous in managing Hamas – the Palestinian resistance faction. They listed “Hamas” under the terror list in order to strengthen its ally – the Palestinian Authority. Well, Hamas are not terrorists and have never been. They have shown that they are patriots and stand for us Palestinians.

Europe and the states of the European Union are still pumping millions in order to continue the dirty tasks of the Palestinian Authority – as European grant funds are deposited in several private account numbers belong to the Palestinian Authority, including one of them which is a private account belonging to the Palestinian presidency and the office of “President” Mahmoud Abbas. I am sure that Ursula van der Leyen has a good explanation for these payments to her corrupt friend Mahmoud and his buddies

The European funds continue to disappear in the Palestinian authority’s account numbers, stolen and scattered, while the European Union continues to remain silent about the blatant corruption and looting of European funds by the Palestinian Authority.
The PA registered lots of names of fictitious employees who do not even work as employees and others who were dead – in order to obtain millions more from the European Union, who covers the salaries of the Palestinian Authority gang, led by the 87-year-old man, Mahmoud Abbas.

Recently, the hand of thieves in the Palestinian presidency extended to the European grant funds provided to the poor, (PDF -Klage gegen PA [12]). orphans and widows, and more than 34 million disappeared, as the money for the poor disappeared, without the social affairs allocations being paid. The presidency of the European Union has remained silent, and the office of Mr. Abbas said that the money of the poor is a grant from his own money that he provides to the poor as a hand gift whenever he wants, and deprives them of it whenever he wants. Recently, the Palestinian Authority paid an amount of 750 shekels, as social security for each family cover the past seven months – that is, every month 110 shekels, equivalent to 50 euros per family as social security for one month’s ???

The European union is condones the theft of its people’s tax money by the Palestinian Authority and the terrorist operations carried out by the Palestinian police against the political opposition, including shooting at their homes, terrorizing them, intimidating their children and their families, and arresting them because of even comments written on the social media Facebook.

Even the Russian grant to vaccinate COVID-19 was stolen by the Palestinian Authority and transferred to unknown locations to their friends outside of occupied Palestine.

Europe is also silent on the dismissal of teachers and doctors from their work and the looting of funds earmarked for building civil society institutions.

Europe also continues to remain silent about the absence of law in Palestine and Mr. Mahmoud Abbas forbidding lawyers from entering the courts despite the Palestinian Authority’s signature of international treaties regarding the application of the law, that are binding.

Europe is turning a blind eye to everything in order to protect its dictatorial ally who protects the security of Israel, prolongs the life of the occupation and steals what is left of the Palestinian land in the West Bank.

Thus the pressure on the Palestinian people continued, just as the European silence continued.

Finally, the hand of the Zionist thieves extended to the Arab homes of Sheikh Jarrah. Israel demanded that the Palestinians vacate their homes in Sheikh Jarrah in order for European and American extremist jews to reside there.

And this ignited spark of confrontation . The Palestinians are frustrated with the Israeli occupation state, the silence of the Palestinian Authority, and the European silence. Death is no longer important to a person as long as he lives a miserable life deprived of will, freedom, thought and has only struggle.

Now is the time for Europe to understand – that the Palestinian Authority can no longer provide security to israel in accordance with what the Western countries planned in the unfortunate Oslo Agreement, and whatever the Palestinian Authority lied to in order to plunder European money, it will not be able to complete its dirty tasks.

Even the Palestinian child have become aware that the Palestinian Authority is a corrupt Western colonial regime that confiscated the people’s freedoms, trampled on their necks and continued to blackmail and intimidate them into cutting their salaries as they demanded their civil rights as human beings.

The Palestinian people can no longer stand with the Palestinian Authority and the zionist occupation, both of which are worse than the other.

Providing security for the Palestinian people needs to provide justice and end the Israeli occupation at once and not through fraudulent negotiations with a racist Zionist occupation regime, the cornerstone of its occupation of the Palestinian people on Western financing and a corrupt Palestinian regime and an agent acting on its behalf in the dirty tasks of arrest, investigation and espionage.

The Palestinian people are left with nothing but the less corrupt resistance faction “Hamas” despite its religious extremism, which Europe declared a terrorist organization in order to protect the Palestinian Authority gang.

The religious movement “Hamas” has proven to the Palestinian people that it has outperformed the Palestinian Authority in its popularity, struggle, knowledge, and work, which has become merely a weak, corrupt and hated regime of the Palestinian people.

The equation today has become different – and Europe and the West should understand what is really going on in the Palestinian street and behind the scene which strongly refuses to keep Western guardianship over it through the Palestinian Authority in its current corrupt and miserable situation.

Quite simply, the equation of protecting the security of Israel by the Palestinian Authority has become impossible

Security hinges on ending the occupation and not on supporting a corrupt thug gang whose main concern is obtaining privileges and (VIP) cards, building palaces, pepper tiles, and owning luxury cars.

Hamas which become the “terrorist” movement from a European perspective, turned now into being the hope and righteous dream of the Palestinians that may put an end to the arrogance of the zionist occupation and the suppression of its continuous oppression. Sympathy for the militant Islamic movement increased due to zionist bullying and corruption of the Palestinian Authority

The militant Islamic current that is being pursued and hated internationally because of its rejection of the zionist colonial power, despite its lack of corruption, has become today the dream of every Palestinian.

In short, the security of the terrorist israel will not be achieved except through negotiations with the Islamic Palestinian movement, that is, outside of the framework of the weak, corrupt and bullying Palestinian Authority.

The time has come for Europe and Western countries to realize that true peace will not be achieved through Western agreements imposed on the Palestinian people and building a corrupt Palestinian authority system. Rather, peace can be achieved through returning to the Palestinian nation, achieving justice, building civil society institutions and a legal state with an immediate end to all forms of Israeli occupation

Gangs armed with automatic weapons to oppress the Palestinian people from the West will not protect Israel. The world will not be able to abolish the existence of the extremist and terrorist Islamic trend from its point of view, and the hero and national resistance that is not corrupt from the point of view of the Palestinian people.

The zionists and their partners in crime need to understand that Palestine does NOT belong to them. It must accede to negotiations for peace based on at least the following conditions: