Jordan: The Jordanian Armed Forces and Conspiracy Theory - Remote Control Agitation

Of course I love Jordan and wish the Jordanians security and stability. But as a journalist and far removed from emotion, I doubt the point of view that there is supposedly a “conspiracy” against the monarchy along with a weakening of the country’s security and stability, as portrayed by the Jordanian military and security forces.

Whoever follows the news about what is happening in Jordan knows for sure that the poor conditions in the country have made the inhabitants an impoverished class: not even a loaf of bread can be delivered to them, while the whole nation and its abilities have become a commodity sold by influential people in the economy who have monopolized that property of the nation and another who dominates the aid that is being made available to them.

Jordan recently witnessed loud protests against living conditions in the country, perhaps for the first time that the voices of protesters calling for the end of the monarchy have grown louder. Up until a week ago, some censorship-free media in Jordan reported that the protests had irritated the monarchy and raised fears because of the protesters’ choirs against King Abdullah. And that there are also signs that it could lead to a regime change.

As in the case of the Arab countries, which made slaves of the peoples, the military, i.e. the armed forces, controls all enterprises in the country and thus controls more than 70% of the state’s economy. The scenario of the alleged “conspiracy” against the monarchy was a preemptive strike by the generals to suppress and silence the voices raised in Jordan calling for the king’s resignation or even the end of the monarchy.

The media drummed up the announcements of the military and armed forces (the alleged conspiracy) at various levels. And to intimidate the people and silence the voices of protest
The military started campaigns to arrest the symbolic figures of the people, to discredit, even demonize, princes, to invent a conspiracy theory and to coordinate with external forces.

What is strange about His Highness the Jordanian Prince when communicating or maintaining relationships with foreign countries? Isn’t he a prince and son of the late King Hussein like his brother, King Abdullah, ruler of Jordan?
The strange and shameful is how the military and the
The secret service observes the utterances of His Highness the Prince and, in general, the people, and produces accusations, each according to his own measure. And even more shameful is the fabrication of the conspiracy history and the foreign agenda, which functions remotely in all Arab countries.

It is at least as embarrassing for the Jordanian deputy prime minister and foreign minister when he announces that the security services “have long been the activities and movements of His Highness Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein, Sharif Hassan bin Zaid and a person named Ibrahim Awad Allah and others observed who are after the security and stability of their home country. “

How disgusting it is to spy and scapegoat what is happening in Jordan – its wealth and
monopolized economy is in the hands of those who sold the land and its businesses and squandered the money in the Las Vegas casinos and on the shoulder and in costume of Queen Rania.

I think the Jordanian Security and Military Services launched a pre-emptive attack to immunize the King from Israeli and Gulf interventions that the Jordanian Security Services claim would destabilize the Jordanian national system.

The arrests by the military are just an attempt to wrestle and silence the Jordanian people’s movement as a result of the exorbitantly high prices, poverty, unemployment and generally the rule over the forces of the nation, and the whole thing in the face of the looting of corona aid and the related confusion in the health and welfare system of Jordan.

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