The repercussions of the Corona crisis cast a shadow on the 25th annual National Day in Austria

Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner informed journalists in a press conference held on Oct. 22, 2020 at Heldenplatz in which Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky, military commander Brigadier Kurt Wagner and ORF channel manager Alexander Hofer spoke. Tanner said that the Austrian Armed Forces are presenting themselves this year under the general motto “We protect Austria!”. Minister Tanner said that the information and performance show will take place this year in camera. She presented the new “hybrid form of the event” required due to the Covid-19 measures and thanked ORF and the private TV stations.

Tanner pointed: “The current Covid crisis poses particular challenges for those responsible for this year’s anniversary exhibition. I am pleased that, despite the current restrictions, we are able to use this hybrid form of event such as the virtual Heldenplatz, the live coverage of ORF and from private TV channels as well as the short films by the director Stefan Ruzowitzky can ensure a live feeling in Austria’s living room this year. I would particularly like to thank the ORF and the interested private TV channels for the planned extensive live reports, which will ensure great coverage.”

“If the Austrian Armed Forces also present a woman, a disabled person and a migrant as successful soldiers, then it proves that it has arrived in the 21st century, then it is my army, then I am happy that I was able to contribute. Yes , There are also heavy weapons in the films, but I believe that the heaviest and most effective weapon is the attitude that everyone with their special equipment can contribute something in the armed forces, in our society, in our country. In any case, the project was very challenging , but extremely exciting and diverse. I was very impressed by the professional cooperation with all those involved and the soldiers, “explained film director Stefan Ruzowitzky at the press conference.

On behalf of Alexander Wrabetz, director general of ORF, channel manager Alexander Hofer spoke about the cooperation with the armed forces for reporting on the special program “National Holiday 2020”.

Brigadier Kurt Wagner presented the details of the procedure on the national holiday. He invited the population to experience the celebrations in front of the television sets, PCs, smartphones or tablets due to the restrictions in force, and thus to bring “the armed forces live into their living rooms”.

The information and performance show will take place this year as a “hybrid event” with live reporting by ORF and private TV stations as well as virtually under “nationalfeiertag2020. jetzt” (online from October 25th). The Austrian Armed Forces are presenting themselves with a special virtual Heldenplatz designed with the latest 3D optics, which will enable all interested Austrians to visit Heldenplatz via PC, smartphone or tablet. The well-known Austrian film director and Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky created short films on the core topics of the exhibition as well as film portraits of soldiers, which will then also be shown in the live reporting and on the virtual Heldenplatz.

Four topics of this year’s national holiday:
The subject areas of this year’s exhibition presented in more detail in the short films as well as in the virtual themed islands include information on national military defense as a core task of the armed forces, disaster control, the current Corona mission (with the first deployment of the militia) as well as the special anniversary “60 years of deployment abroad”.

Alle Fotos: Bundesheer/Pusch

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