Letter to US President Donald Trump

Below is the full text of the letter that was delivered to the US Embassy in Vienna and addressed to US President Donald Trump. The text is based on the texts of the Bible and the Torah and affirms that Israel has no right to establish its state on the Palestinian lands.

resident Donald Trump
The White House
DC 20500 Washington


Dear President Trump,
my name is Kawthar Salam, I am from Hebron, Palestine. I currently live in Vienna, Austria, after I was invited to come live here because a commission of 3 generals from the army of the israeli regime expelled me from my home because „the jewish colonists of Hebron don’t want to see you“ as they told me at that time, in 2002. As a consequence, I have not been able to go see my mother who in the meantime has turned over 90 years of age.

The jews of israel assert that their claim over Palaestina is valid on the basis of two unique historic events: Gods Covenant with Abraham as described in the Bible in chapter 15 of the book of Genesis and the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

Gods Covenant with Abraham

The jews of israel claim that God promised them the Land of Palestina. And it has been known for many years that they have wanted to conquer the remaining land from the Nile to the Euphrates by force of arms.
I think that they have no claim to my homeland.
According to the Bible (NIV), Genesis 15:18 reads: „On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadi of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates ““.
Covenants are a form of legal contract which has found their way into UK and US law. As I understand it, God GAVE all that land to Abraham for his descendants. Abraham, on his part, had to promise something to God to be able to receive the land on behalf of his descendants.
While the Bible does not tell us what Abraham had to promise on behalf of his descendants to God, we can easily deduce that God had the right to at least expect from Abrahams descendants that they keep to His law, that they refrain from acts which would incur in His rage or which He would find disgusting.

Todays jews are not „of the seed of Abraham“ as less than 5% of them have claim to being of semitic descent. This fact alone would invalidate their claim to our land.
I know them to be mainly Europeans and Americans. So, some of the most notorious thieves of land, they would call themselves „settlers“, whose names I remember, are the US citizens Noam Federman, Kach spokesperson in Hebron who lived in Beit Hadassa in al Shuhada street; David Wilder, settler spokesperson in historic Palestine from New Jersey who lived in Tel Rumeidah and Baruch Marzel, a Kach leader from New York who also lived in Tel Rumeidah. These were not the exception but the rule. All the „settlers“ in Hebron, for example in Kyriat Arba, were US citizens, one friend from Tel Aviv was of Swiss origin, the settlers in the Gaza strip were known to be of French origin, most jews are blond, and so on. Your specialists an anthropology will be able to confirm this fact.

While their origins put their claim to the land at least in doubt, their actions add to the doubt of them being „the chosen people of God“, a title they so often arrogate to themselves. So let me ask some simple questions:

– If the jews of present days were “God’s chosen people“: would so many of them declare themselves „arreligios“ or worship Satan, in contravention to the 3rd Commandment as written in Exodus 20:3?
– Would „the chosen people of God“ put an effigy of Jesus, the son of God according to the Bible, in a pubic urinal in a kibuz, as they have been known to do?
– Would „the chosen people of God“ put sniper emplacements near schools, as has been seen throughout the West Bank, and so murder the children of politically undesirables (to them)?
– Would „the chosen people of God“ hinder women on their way to hospitals an thus force these women to give birth on the street?
– Would „the chosen people of God“ shoot at Palestinian children, as has been seen, using tank shells?
– Would „the chosen people of God“ allow their military to make „funny“ t-shirts with the legend „1 shot 2 kills“ animating for the murder of pregnant Palestinian women?
– Would „the chosen people of God“ occupy Jeffrey Epstein and Gislaine Maxwell (both jews), both culpable of outrageous crimes against children and instigating and facilitating others to commit such crimes, through their agency Mossad? These two were apprehended by the american FBI. Their known crimes are so horrific that they merit all-out war in response, and most of their crimes are not yet known.

The Balfour Declaration

In 1917 the then foreign minister of the British empire, lord Balfour, wrote a short letter to his friend and masonic lodge partner Walter Rothschild in which he let it be known that the British king of the time supported the idea of Palaestina as a home for the jews, but made it clear, to the jews chagrin, that „nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine“.
Just as in the case of the Abrahamic covenant, the israeli jews did not think of following the simple stipulations imposed upon them by the Balfour declaration. Lucky for them, nobody seemed to ask them to keep their word either. The British Empire, the French government, the Italian government, the League of Nations, later the UN and lastly the USA somehow failed to cause israel to comply with the simple conditions imposed upon them and to which they had agreed in word.
The Balfour declaration can be better understood if looked at in the context of the diplomatic maneuvering around israel starting in 1875. In that year the Ottoman empire was sent into bankruptcy by „european banks“ (presumaby Rothschilds) and its dismemberment could begin by the British, French and Italians according to Wikipedia.
The diplomatic activity between the British and the French and others until about 1948 appears to be a succession of swindles, not only against England whose public never understood the campaign against Egypt, against the population of what would become Palaestina/israel, who on principle was left out of all negotiations about OUR homeland. It was a fraud against the peoples of the world, who were swindled into accepting a criminal entity among them. Throughout all those years the dolose intent of the European powers towards the inhabitants of Palaestina became ever more obvious. So we were never mentioned by name („Palestinians“) but became unspecified „Arabs“, what we are only in general terms like the French or Germans can be called „Europeans“. So the „Peel Commission“ recognizes that there was „unrest“, even an „Arab revolt“ but never allows for connecting these unrest’s to their real causes: the overburdening of the land with foreigners who infiltrated from wherever with no respite, the obvious bad will of the British colonial regime towards Palestinians, the terrorism of the newly infiltrated jews used to bring across their points, see Hotel King David for example.
Another fact around the diplomatic maneuvering previous to the proclamation of israel in 1948 is that an overwhelming majority of the persons named in those documents, according to Wikipedia, can be identified as jews while everything possible was done to hide the fact that they were planning to usurp our homeland.
While I do not know how international law corrects atrocities of this magnitude, it is certain that, should this be allowed to stand, the USA and many other nations need to revise their statutes concerning immobiliary transactions to include provisions to allow for one of the partners in a transaction to be taken advantage of, nolens volens.


„israel“, proper the „state of israel“, was proclaimed in 14 May 1948 by what is understood to be integrants of the jewish organizations „Lehi“, „Irgun“ and „Haganah“, which were terrorist organizations, a fact that has never been denied.
Despite its proud title, israel is not a state and it was never designed to be a state. When one observes this entity more closely it becomes clear that it is an autonomous zone like the one recently declared in the city of Seattle in northwestern USA.
„Autonomous“ means as much as lawless in this context. israel has maintained it lawless character since its inception in 1948. Since that time its treatment of us Palestinians has always remained what can only be described as vastly iniquitous. Other countries have found laws upon which they could agree regarding torture, human rights, genocide but the lawless entity israel apparently used all its lawyers to see to it that we would at best be seen as dogs before the law.
If one ignores this proclamation by known terrorists, no legal act to name our land exists since the times of the Roman empire, lastly calling it Palaestina Secunda.
Your country, ahead of many others, has supported the vastly iniquitous and illegitimate regime since its inception. Since you portray yourself as a man of the law and a man of God, I respectfully ask you to answer the following question:
– Please mention to me the law of your country or the passage in the Bible which says that keeping a whole population group under conditions of grievous iniquity is correct.
If, on the other hand, you concur with me that the jews have no claim over the land according to the Abrahamic Covenant and at best a dubious claim over the land according to the Balfour Declaration, then I respectfully ask you for the following:
– That your nation rescinds the diplomatic recognition of and all treaties with israel.
– That your nation takes back all jews of American origin who reside in Palaestina and causes other nations to do the same with the jews originating of those countries.
– We Palestinians claim reparations. We do NOT want the breadcrumbs which your son in law so magnanimously offers us. I ask for access to the fortunes of the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the World Zionist Organization and any other individuals or organizations who may have supported israel or its creation, pursuant to your decree of 21 December 2017 concerning human rights abusers.
– Lasty, I ask that the jews of Palaestina be housed, for their own protection, in the prisons and homes for the criminally insane of your country until they can cause no more damage.
Once the full extent of the crimes which Jeffrey Epstein and Gislaine Maxwell perpetrated becomes known to a wider public, nobody, not even the USA, will be able to continue protecting that illegitimate entity without falling into complete ignominy.
I take my right to write to you on behalf of us Palestinians from the fact that we have no government.

Thank you for your consideration.


Kawthar Salam
Vienna, September 24, 2020

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  • Eyes of Horus

    Seems that Nut-and-Yayhoo as well as his hardline cohorts seem to conveniently forget that G-d has told the Israelites that they should respect and honor their neighbors. There are at least 40 pronunciations to this effect throughout the Scriptures. Their treatment of the Palestinians is in direct opposition to the directives given in the Scriptures. I wonder if many Jews in Israel actually read and act in accordance with the Scriptures. It’s obvious that those in the higher echelon of the government don’t.

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