Is israel real state or is it a terrorist state? - An assessment.

On the occasion of the signing of the Shame Agreement at the White House today, September 15, 2020, between the United Arab Emirates and Israel under the auspices of their American friend, the president with frown hairs on the right and left Mr. Donald Trump and his son-in-law, a former member of the Kach movement – my friendly respected husband wrote – the following article: Is israel real state or is it a terrorist state? – An assessment based on the texts of the Torah and what was mentioned in Wikipedia. Thank you my dear Ramin.

When israeli troops or settlers apprehend a Palestinian, they normally bully him or beat him up until they make him concede that „israel has a right to exist“. I doubt that the concessions of any of these unfortunate Palestinians were ever more than attempts to save their own skins. Lasty: why would they do that if their right was clear to everybody?

I became intrigued and decided to investigate in Wikipedia and the Bible about israel and its claims and its history. I found out about many things about which I had never even heard before. And the israeli claim about it’s supposed „right to exist” and its being a state?
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Israel grounds their claim to Palestine mainly on two premises: a) the so-called „Balfour Declaration“ of 1917, a letter from Arthur Balfour, in that time foreign minister of Britain, to Walther Rothschild, member of the Rothschild clan and member of the same masonic lodge as Balfour, who happened to be the front-man for jewish interests in Britain; and b) the covenant of the Lord with Abraham as described in chapter 15 of the book of Genesis of the christian Bible. Other premises for israel’s „right to exist“ are, in no particular order, the constant preparedness of the american ADL and various moneyed jews to wage law-fare against anyone whom they deem „antisemitic“, the threat of tyrannic and unjust laws on the books in various european countries, the widespread corruption of politicians and functionaries who suck up to israeli jewish interests. I will judge the israelis claim to Palestine by the bible because that is the only religious text which they name in claiming their supposed rights.

Let us start by examining their claim about the Covenant of God with Abraham.

The jews claim that the divine covenant described in the book of Genesis, chapter 15, establishes specifically them as beneficiaries of the covenant which God chose to implement with Abraham. They are very specific in mentioning the covenant of chapter 15 of the biblical book of Genesis. They mention no other covenant, no other book, no other deity in any of their assertions re their supposed title to that land, wrongly called „the promised land“. This makes it clear that they mean that the deity portrayed in the bible, God, Jehovah, was the one who gave them them the land in a covenant and not any other deity such as Satanas or Baal.

The God of the bible is very particular and makes it very clear throughout the bible that he does NOT want his people to adore other gods or deities. So this alone shows that the israeli jews cannot be the same people with whom the Lord of the bible established a covenant. The current activities of those israelis put their self-arrogated identification as „the chosen people of God“ more than in question.

The israeli occupation jews call Palestine „the promised land“ what is simply false. God never promised them anything. Palestine was given to Abrahams „seed“ (the descendants of Abraham) IN COVENANT. That can be clearly read in Genesis 15:18. Quoted here: On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadi[e] of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates – That implies that the Lord expected something in return for all that land, a fact the jews like to omit in their propaganda.

Genesis 15 does not say what the Lord expected from Abrahams descendants. Consequently we can only deduce that He expected from them to keep up His word as written throughout the bible and abstain from what the Lord considered disgusting or what would incur His rage, what can all be read in the bible.

A Covenant is NOT a promise. It is described as „A covenant, in its most general sense and historical sense, is a solemn promise to engage in or refrain from a specified action.“ It is also described as „a contractual condition“. That means that God expected something of value to Him in return for the rights over that and, Palestine, or more correctly, the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. The funny thing is that israeli criminal jews have been known to all cultures whose way they crossed as people „without honor/without word“ exactly for breaching the terms of THIS covenant. I think that they not only broke the terms of this covenant with God, I doubt that they are „God’s chosen people“ as mentioned in Genesis 15. If you would like to know what a Covenant is you can read Wikipedia for a general definition of the term here or the definition in english and US law here.

If God had established a covenant with Abraham, then why would they need the auspices of TWO very powerful families who are widely said to be crazy in their satanic ideas and beliefs. We speak of the Windsors and the Rothschilds. This would certainly contravene the terms of the covenant. The 10 commandments, shown in the book of Exodus in the bible, (here 3rd commandment) says “You shall have no other gods before me”. what is an unequivocal commandment. I think that any covenant with the Lord would at the least require that the descendants of Abraham give signs of respect for God and have no gods before Him. That is a far cry from what todays criminal israelis show by their actions. Here is a link about Disrespect for God.

If the jews occupation of present days were “God’s chosen people“: would so many of them declare themselves „arreligios“ or worship Satan, in contravention to the 3rd Commandment quoted above? I don’t think so.

  • – Would “the chosen people of God” put an effigy of Jesus, identified as the son of God in the bible, in an urinal in a kibuz, as they have been known to do? I don’t think so.
  • – Would “the chosen people of God” put sniper emplacements near schools, as has been seen throughout the West Bank, and so murder the children of politically undesirables (to them)? I don’t think so.
  • – Would „the chosen people of God“ hinder women on their way to hospitals an thus force these women to give birth on the street? I don’t think so.
  • – Would „the chosen people of God“ shoot at Palestinian children, as has been seen, using tank shells? I don’t think so.
  • – Would „the chosen people of God“ allow their military to make t-shirts with the legend „1 shot 2 kills“ animating for the murder of pregnant Palestinian women? I don’t think so.
  • – Would „the chosen people of God“ occupy Jeffrey Epstein and Gislaine Maxwell (both jews), both culpable of outrageous crimes against children and instigating and facilitating others to commit such crimes, through their agency Mossad? These two were apprehended by the american FBI. Their known crimes are so horrific that they merit all-out war in response, and most of their crimes are not yet known in public.


We see that the assertions of today’s zionist israeli jews, saying that they are „of the seed of Abraham“, are dubious at best, a total lie when seen against their actions. They are very smart, never calling themselves a „semitic“ people but always calling anybody who crosses them „antisemitic“, so adding to the confusion about who they really are. It has been known that less than 5% of the jews in the occupied Palestine of our time have any claim to being of semitic descent and those who are, descend from Palestinians married to jews. The israeli jews of our time are mostly of European and US extraction, most „israelis“ also carry US and European passports. OTOH, north of 40% of „israelis“ have been described as psychopaths, something that only comprises 5,5% of normal countries. In sum, we find out that the israeli jews of the present are in their majority NOT „of the seed of Abraham“, NOT semitic but most likely psychopaths, what would do them a favor by calling them „the war criminals“. I think that alone finding that they are not descendants of Abraham totally disqualifies them from claiming the rights given in the Covenant between God and Abraham.

I think that their identification as false „semites“ goes back to the 1880‘s when the Rothschilds started agitating for them to speak „new hebrew“, a Rothschild creation, instead of their native languages, among which was yiddish, which they now diminish as „diaspora language“.

But let’s look at the „Balfour Declaration“ and beyond. When looking in Wikipedia, one finds not only the „Balfour Declaration“ but a slew of agreements, accords, protocols, declarations related to „israel“ which all have to be read in order to understand in what context the „Balfour Declaration“ was written and who lord Bafour and Walter Rothschild were. Reading all these earnest and hasty diplomatic actions and reactions, we see that they mostly take place between Western powers such as England and France (and later) the USA; secondly we see that most persons named in this diplomatic activity were, through decades, jews; thirdly we can see that between 1840 and 1948 (and later) the only Palestinians and Arabs who were even allowed near all this activity were those who were sold and paid for, (probably by the Rothschilds). All this activity throughout over a centenium included exclusively jews but excluded Palestinians or anybody who would represent our interests. I think this circumstance can only be called a malicious jewish conspiracy of swindles, to commit fraud impelled by the Rothchilds. I doubt that the giant fraud against us Palestinians, who were defrauded of our country, and against the world, who were defrauded into accepting a fundamentally criminal organization in among of the nations of the world.

The League of Nations on its part assigned the so received territories in „mandates“, to the winners of that war. The countries recipients of these mandates were England, France, Italy and Japan. Russia (and later the Soviet Union) was also aligned with England. While there were some (mostly perfunctory) conditions attached to such mandates, the mandatories could in fact do whatever pleased them with the territories assigned to them.

So the occupation of what had become „Mandate A“ after the dismemberment of the Ottoman empire started by the mandatory, Britain. The new colonial master of Palestine was Britain, only now with the questionable „legitimacy“ imparted by what was an international agency founded to legitimize fraud and swindle, as we will see. The mandates for Syria and Mesopotamia had far less troubles in my knowledge and those territories emerged from their respective mandates more or less intact and with their original population. We see dolose intent in that only in Palestine masses of jews infiltrated into the land. We see dolose intent in that the Britsh showed to interest in hindering the infiltration, minimizing them as „pesky“.

We see the British reports of their „Shaw Commission“ and „Peel Commission“, assigned fault for Palestinian „unrests“ in what was then called „Mandatory Palestine“ to „Arabs“ – or correctly Palestinians. These commissions of highly lauded morons obviously had no idea of what was going on in Palestine. These morons actually minimized a 6-month long general strike into „unrests“. I know from my elder generation that in Hebron there was a massacre of jews in 1929 because they occupied Palestinians as de-facto slaves, denying them salary for whatever reason after done labor. This cannot be found in the reports of either Peel or Shaw commissions. Morons indeed. Or swindlers.

In the entry for „israel“ we can read that the jewish population who „infiltrated“ into Palestine started being encouraged to speak hebrew by the Rothchilds in the decade of the 1880s. We also learn that desire for a „home for the jews“ had been awake in England since 1840. Based on this information I think it would be right to look at the period between 1840 and 1948 as the period for the planning and creation of israel.

In sum, the period from 1840 impresses me as one determined by dolose intent, the will to commit fraud under the cover of diplomacy. That the majority of all persons mentioned in Wikipedia in relation to the diplomatic activity around the creation of israel can be identified as zionist jews allows for suspecting a conspiracy headed by the Rothchild clan. We can also read in Wikipedia in the entries related to the creation of israel in general that „the arabs“ should „not be informed“ or „should not be informed of all terms“ of various treaties. Looks like dolose intent to me. Perhaps the Brits and the French feared, rightfully so, that the population would suspect that they were being taken advantage of? Can the results of diplomatic activity continue to be recognize as legitimate even after it has been recognized as swindles in preparation of a major fraud? Is it not so that the perpetrator of this monstrous fraud, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, the Rothschilds, the USA, owe us Palestinians reparations for what they did since 1840? For having usurped our homeland?

israel likes to style itself the „State of Israel“. If one looks at who took part in their act of 14 May 1948 and what has become of their entity since then, I can just say „I dont think so“. Wikipedia mentions „haganah“, „irgun“ and „lehi“ as the entities which proclaimed israel. These were not freedom fighters but terrorists as has often been said. Their entity is as much a state as the american Federal Reserve Bank is federal. It is not a government entity but is a private bank and has no reserve but is designed to loot american wealth. In the same way, what they proclaimed on that 14 of may was not a state but an Autonomous Zone as the one that has been recently been proclaimed in Seattle in northwestern USA. An „autonomous zone“ is a term used by the military in connection to terrorism. The „autonomous“ in the name refers to its lawless character. The „zone“ means that it is an area where like minded terrorists or criminals can recuperate and regroup between raids. If we take in account how this supposed „state“ treats us Palestinians, which on average can be characterized as „with egregious injustice“ or „worse than dogs“, we see that their entity has not progressed much since that day in 1948. The facts are that they never abide by the simple conditions of the UN mandate or by the simple conditions imposed on them because they had no will to abide by anything resembling a law respect to us Palestinians. Lawless indeed.

So it comes to the psychopathic Golda Meir who can deny that we exist because in her mind it is easier to murder people than to get involved in talks, to subject us to iniquity beyond any help despite all the world implementing more just laws. The fact that the world has yet to grasp is that the jews of israel do not abide by any laws whatsoever because they DO NOT WANT to abide by any law which could give us respite. I sincerely doubt that an entity which lives by such principles can be recognized as a state.

The USA has been the protecting the state of israel since 1948, using its military and diplomatic power to protect israel against all allegations of impropriety even as these where obvious for the world. Even as the USA saw its own prestige diminish over the decades, it continued giving protection to the little shop of horrors which israel had become. The israelis could commit no crime abhorrent enough to cause the Americans to take away their support. It begs the question: Was the artistry of the dynamic duo Jeffrey and Gislaine responsibe for the firm loyalty of the Americans? And, are there similar israeli teams operating in other parts of the world? Given that 1/3 of all jewish households have somebody who supports the activities of the mossad, that is very possible.

The current President of the USA, Trump, likes to present himself as a law abiding patriot and man of God. That is all very commendable. I ask myself what the sanctimonious pastors who lay their hands on the President each morning in a private religious ceremony would tell their boss about my interpretation of Genesis 15? I equally ask myself what President would tell the Chinese about why they are not allowed to torture the Uigurs, use slave labor in their industry and make islands in the South China Sea, when everybody can see how he treats Bibi as his „best friend“ and gave his daughter to be covered by that prince of the Kach? Seriously, the chinese will eventually notice the unequal treatment and complain about the Americans „throwing around their weight“ in form of 3 carrier strike groups.

In any case I doubt that the USA will be able to continue putting their protective hand over the little shop of horrors which is israel after the true extent of the crimes of Jeffrey and Gislaine come to the light. Perhaps then President Trump will stop calling Bibi his “dear friend” and understand that a law abiding man of God does not congregate with certain classes of people.

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