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A Question directed to Mr. President Mahmoud Abbas

We know Mr. President that you have neglected signing promotion decisions for employees since years.
What are the reasons for the rapid sucsesion of promotions by your Excellency to Mrs. Intisar Abu Amara??

On July 7, 2005, appointed to Mrs. Intisar Abu Amara to the position of General Manager of the President’s Office with a grade of A3.

On January 1, 2008, you were Mrs. Intisar Abu Amara to Assistant Undersecretary for the Office of the President with a grade of A2.

On January 1, 2010, you promoted Mrs. Intisar Abu Amara to deputy position in the president’s office with a grade of A1.

In 2015, you promoted Mrs. Intisar Abu Amara, to the position of Head at the President of the Office of the Presidency

On August 4, 2018, you promoted to Mrs. Intisar Abu Amara to the position of Head of the Presidency Office with the rank of Minister.
The lady is still in her position until now. It rules Palestine in the shadows your excellency.

I ask His Excellency President Abu Mazen to be more frank with the Palestinian people and tell us what is the story?? This is with the knowledge that your wife, Umm Tariq, and your eldest son, Yasser Abbas, expressed their protest against your recent appointment of Mrs. Abu Amara at a time you cut the salaries of hundreds of Palestinian employees??

Is Mrs. Abu Amara just the head of your office Mr. President Abbass, or is she the actual president of Palestine in light of your passing the retirement age while you are still in the presidential office ??

There is another curious question: Who is Mrs. Abu Amara’s husband, Mr. respected President Abu Mazen??

Thank you for your clarification, Mr. President.
Kawthar Salam