Contradictions in U.S. foreign policy

Recently, on 14th August of 2020, US foreign minister Pompeo visited Vienna. This caused me to think. The U.S. is, like all bullies, full of contradictions and blind spots. They regard themselves as owners of God’s grace more than other countries, as the most righteous among all countries, as the greatest of all country, the most grandiose, the measure for justice when one compares legal systems … the country with the cleanest air and water, Etc. Etc. Etc. You get the idea: grandiose narcissism wherever one looks.

Equally, looking at the proud attitude of US officials, one notes the absence of any kind whatsoever of critical thinking about their country. The massive amount of injustice which the world has had to suffer to make the American dream of superiority possible is but one measure of the disconnex between how the world is and the American self-conception. If one notes a smidgen of doubt about the wholesome all-encompassing goodness of the US, then it must be the manifest destiny of those poor doubtful rascals to lose everything, at best.

Notice for example the different standard which President Trump applies to China, Iran and israel, which are all culpable of egregious human rights violations. In the case of China they get bullied by 3 aircraft carriers and innumerable other ships and airplanes, tariffs … In the case of Iran, which has attracted the ire of israel, it is OK to label them as terrorists and steal tankers full with their oil. In the case of israel, the first consort, a jewish prince of the dishonorable Kach sect, what is evident by the feral kids in the streets surrounding their settlements and the screeching of the Kach girls when the soldiers cover them, is allowed to cover the first daughter and everything is seemingly A-OK, never mind that the Kach were once seen as terrorists.

Take also example as example of american wishful thinking the recent visit of US foreign minister Pompeo in company of a pregnant woman with colored dress and garish lipstick, to Vienna. I found mysef worrying that said woman could poop out the kid at any moment. Apparently everybody from the press noticed something to which the US team was oblivious: that minister Pompeo behaved like in past times tyrannic cowards of destitute countries used to behave, with extra precise security checks, a positive „list“ of only 2 preapproved questions given only to select butt-kissers from the lame-stream media, instructions given to the host, Austria. Mr. Pompeo just made everybody notice how scared he was if Austria had allowed an open forum of questions. Imagine a foreign minister afraid of what in his country is the law of the land: the first amendment of the US constitution – which of course does not apply to us backward bumpkins.

Another blind spot of the US is that they are being suspected of having been involved in one form or another in the recent Beirut explosion. First „good friend“ Bibi acknowedged authorship, then he denied it. Then it was said that the crater discovered a maze of tunnels apparently used to traffic humans. Interesting. Just don’t mention it to the US.

Also, nobody seemed to remember that Pompeo’s boss, Trump, made several outrageous gifts to his „good friend“ Bibi: He started last November of 2019 by giving the occupied Jerusalem to israel and declaring that as the „deal of the century“. This munificent gesture was thanked by the recipients with celebratory mass murder of Palestinians.

– Then, several weeks ago, Trump again gifted his good friend Bibi with all of the so-called jewish „settlements“ of the West Bank. This again was cause of general rejoicement among Bibi’s people.
In both cases I was left wondering when and where Trump or his middlemen had acquired all that property, and at what price, and from whom, because no Palestinian sold property to Mr. Trump or his middlemen, so far I know. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Seriously, from where did President Trump acquire all that Palestinian property, and under what statute, in which jurisdiction, did he make that „deal of the century“? I think that that neither President Trump nor his „good friend“ can answer either of both questions. I think that Trump, the first consort and Bibi are all shameless fraudsters. I think that neither of them can answer properly the questions from where they acquired all that property or under which laws they are doing the transaction.

If neither Trump nor the first consort (we’ll come to him) acquired all that property legally, it must have been taken illegally, what could only have been done by way of murder, pillage and assorted crimes.
Those were crimes against humanity or war crimes the last time I looked.

By abusing the legal system of his country in furtherance of crimes against humanity, President Trump makes himself an accessory ( to the crimes against the Palestinian people. By aiding and abetting those crimes President Trump makes himself culpable of those crimes but more importantly, he gives the US legal system jurisdiction due to his unique position of President. Since I am not a lawyer, I respectfully ask those who are lawyers among the readers to sort this out. If it is true, this would be a giant step forward for us Palestinians since we could claim reparations and seek refuge from injustice under US laws. This would be an advancement for us since, as we know from ample experience, the false semites are scoff-laws.

The greatest contradiction in US foreign policy is the so-called „state of israel“ itself which they call their „closest ally“.

No legal act exists in history to change the name of that tract of land since the Roman Empire gave it the name of „Palestine“; it is NOT a state but since it was born in a conspiracy among terrorists it can most closely be compared to an „Autonomous Zone“ like the one recently created in the US city of Portland by radical marxists – „autonomous“ meaning „lawless“; the occupation jews are NOT the „people of God“ as they say but are a vile assortment of common criminals and psychopaths from all countries. If they were Gods chosen people as they say they would take care of not murdering and abusing children, they would not hinder the arrival of pregnant women to hospitals causing them instead to give birth on the street, they would never have put the effigy of Jesus in the pissoir of a kibutz, they certainly would NOT have occupied Jeffrey Epstein and Gislaine Maxwell through their agency „mossad“ to commit unspeakable crimes against children, which by themselves are enough to justify war.

I think that the US (as well as many other nations) have a moral debt with us Palestinians for having supported the creation and existence of this vile entity called Israel now over many decades.
I think that the best first step in dealing with this entity is for as many nations as possible to rescind their diplomatic recognition of this entity of criminals and all their treaties with same, in self interest;
A second step to take down this entity would be to flood the whole land with armed troops of a coalition as wide as possible to protect the Palestinian victims while at the same time taking back their own psychopaths and confining them to jail or homes for the criminally insane.
Thirdly, a vast coalition of nations, first of all the US as the first nation which gave this autonomous zone diplomatic recognition, need to pay us reparations for the decades of ignominy at the hands of these psychopaths, whom they supported while in full knowledge of their crimes.
Dont you think, minister Pompeo, that this is a better scenario for the near future than to continue living with all those contradictions in US foreign policy?


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