On the anniversary of the departure of the occupying forces from Austria

The budgets of the Department of Defense have been reduced significantly this year.

How much could you save on transporting materials for the National Holiday Parade from various military bases to Vienna this year, and what does this reduction of the budget mean for the Armed Forces?

There are new American helicopters like the Sikorsky S-97.
Does the Ministry of Defense want to buy helicopters of this type?
Does the ministry have any military agreements with the United States on the purchase of heavy equipment and the exchange of military expertise?

The questions above were delivered during a press conference with Austrian Defense Minister Thomas Starlinger on 24 October 2019, on the occasion of the Austrian National day.  The answer is below in the video.

The October 26, 1955 was the day on which the law on Austrian neutrality was passed. On this day, Austria was released after ten years of occupation. People could live in peace again. Since then nobody needs to be afraid of persecution.

Until 1964, this important day was called “day of the flag”. In 1965, it was decided in Parliament to celebrate the 26th of October as the national holiday

Back in history, after the Second World War, Austria was occupied by the four Allied Powers: the Soviet Union, the United States, England and France. The 1st district of Vienna was patrolled by soldiers of the four powers. Vienna was divided into zones like the rest of Austria by the four powers. On May 15, 1955, at the Belvedere Palace, the Agreement for the Foundation of Austria was signed. It came into force on July 27, 1955. The 26th of October marks the day after the last occupying soldier has withdrawn from Austrian soil.

Throughout human history, the withdrawal of an occupying army has always been a source of great joy. The occupation of a foreign land is a crime against humanity. Nobody likes living under the occupation of a foreign army.

On Saturday, around a thousand recruits are being recruited in parallel, once again discussed fitness criteria and military service. But because of the budgetary needs of the federal army, this year’s performance show on National Day is a humble motto, said Thomas Starlinger, Austrian defense minister in a press conference.

He added: “What we can do today, what we can not do tomorrow.” Therefore on Saturday on the Heldenplatz no helicopters and no chain armor will be admired, for cost reasons it must do the wheel armor “Pandur” and the ambulance vehicle “Dingo”.

Traditionally, however, the guard will march up. At 10:30 am the commemoration of more than a thousand recruits is on the agenda, after the Federal President and the government, in memory of the decision of “everlasting neutrality”, completed the wreath laying in 1955.

Minister Starlinger took advantage of the upcoming celebrations on Thursday to reiterate the plight of the financial-strapped military: 16 billion euros will be needed in the next eleven years, otherwise it would be impossible to protect the population in disasters, terrorist attacks, cyber attacks and blackouts.

The slimmed army show costs this year by a third less, personnel and material expenses amount to about 450,000 euros, calculated before Vienna’s military commander Kurt Wagner. He emphasized: “The national holiday is still a good opportunity to promote the army.

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