Lacina and the memories of the Danube

Seven years ago, I met Austrian musician Herbert Lacina while running on the beautiful banks of the Danube.

We talked to each other for the first time when I stood enjoying the sunset view on the Danube, we ate an orange. Since then we know each other.

Quite simply a musician and a journalist met on the Danube, and then became friends at work.

A good equation has basic rules not only in music and journalism but also in the science of equivalence and calculation in the life.

Mr. Lacina is Austrian born in 1954 in Vienna.
He introduced himself in short, concise and useful sentences. 12-string base, is a jazz musician based in Vienna.
Very present in the field of jazz and improvised music. I play in several bands and orchestras.
Lacina said: “I perceive music as a stream of energy, a free form without any limitations.”

Lacina is a member of the SFIEMA (Society for Free Improvisation and Experimental Music Austria), an active member of the Kunstraum Ewigkeitsgasse with his own concert series and also a member of the IG Visual arts.

He often plays concerts in the Celeste, Vienna Künstlerhaus, Porgy & Bess, Forum Stadtpark Graz, in the old blacksmiths and many other venues and also performs in the context of “Wien Modern”.

About Lacina musicial life in Vienna, he shares his fellow musicians the musical career such as Michael Fischer (Vienna Improvisers Orchestra), Reut Regev & Igal Foni, Marco Eneidi, Martin Wichtl, Simone Weissenfels, Isabel Duthoit, Yedda Lin, Ingrid Oberkanins, Andreas Eichhorn, Lieselotte lengl, Eric & Vanessa Arn, Sylvia Bruckner, Angelina Ertel, Diego Mune, Andy Menrath, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Anna Anderluh, Stefan Heckel, Gloria Damijan, Mia Zabelka, Elisabeth Harnik, Claudia Cervenca and many more …

Few days ago I met Mr. Lacina at Café Korb during a wonderful concert (The Happy Sun / Station Rose / Mia Zabelka ). we had the fruitful discussion published in this report.

Lacina said about Vienna, “It is a good place to make experience & building networks. There are lot of venues with live music and a big range of music styles and skills.

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