Michelle was killed

“Michaela…” 16 years old, was killed and left behind two cats and a shock among friends

The scene is very painful. Yesterday, Michelle from Münichholz in Steyr was alive, laughing, and wearing a beautiful dress. She went with her friend “M”, who prefers not to be named, and bought Christmas gifts, before the arrival of the violent ex-Afghan friend Saber, asylumseeker, age of 17, who killed her and ran away from the back-house window.

On Tuesday, the second day Michelle murder, Her friend (M) came to feed her cats. She had lightened a candle at the entrance to the apartment, which was closed by the police, after her mother moved to another place for security reasons.

M, met Michelle at the kindergarten 16 years ago. She is the closest friend to her. She described her as a pleasant personality, quiet and beautiful.
She said that Michaela had known her Afghan boyfriend since may 2018, both of had fallen into the same routine tale of love.

Saber was very violent and screamed in the apartment each time he visited Michelle. They split three times, but always he return after few days of separation.

M Responding to our question: Did Mikhelle complain to the police against the violent Saber ?

No, Michelle was quiet, working in Bella, did not have time, and did not like the problems. But she told me she would not go back to him after the third time of separation. I think that’s why Saber killed her .
M. said that Michelle had left two cats behind her and that she come to feed them on behalf of her friend

I don’t believe believe that my friend was killed.

On the rear window of the Michelle apartment, from which the murderous friend escaped. A black cat sits sadly, with a white rose in front of her, and a lit candle on the window.

At the entrance to the house come the neighbors, lighting candles and performing prayers in deep sorrow

Although Michelle was killed by her Afghan ex-boyfriend, her friend (M) says not all the refugees are killers.

“I have another friend who has an Afghan boy-friend, a brave and honest man. Many Austrians are committed crimes of killing. This is just a crime.

Just a few meters from the victim’s apartment there is a refugee center (Maradona) that the Austrians see as a threat to their lives. We do not want the center between us. This center should be dismantled. we have lots of fear.

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