Palestine is NOT a Farm Of Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Palestine is not a private farm of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the self-appointed Palestinian “president” Mahmoud Abbas, whose presidential term expired in 2009, since when nobody knows on basis of what laws he calls himself “president” and since when neither he nor his “Palestinian Authority” have any legitimacy in law, what makes all negotiations, decisions and agreements in which they have a part null and void.

Saudi Arabia’s all-powerful crown prince has opened up a new front in his attempts to change the Middle East, intervening in Palestinian politics and demanding backing for President Trump’s vision for peace with Israel, according to international media reports.

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, was summoned to Riyadh on November 7 2017, for a meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Details were overshadowed by the purge ordered shortly before by the prince of rival royals, ministers and businessmen on corruption allegations, and the apparently Saudi-orchestrated resignation of Saad Hariri, the Lebanese prime minister.

According to the Times Newspaper and the Israeli channel 10, the Saudis told Abbas to “accept Trump’s peace plan “when it is presented“ or quit. He also was ordered by Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman to keep away from any Iranian influence.“

The New York Times on Saturday reported the Trump administration has begun drafting an Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal based on a two-state solution.

A senior White House adviser said the plan would attempt to tackle controversial issues such as the status of Jerusalem and West Bank settlements.

But in my understanding as a political journalist, I think that Crown Prince bin Salman is going on in his alliance with Israel against Hezbollah and Iran, and an impending war lead by Israel against Hezbollah and backed by Saudi Arabia is behind inviting the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to visit Saudi Arabia.

The Palestinian camps in Lebanon are not under Abbas power and the Palestinians will not support or accept the Saudi Crown Prince demands dedicated to Mahmoud Abbas. They all will stand behind Hezbollah and the Lebanese against Israel.

As a Palestinian I say, the Saudi prince promises to Trump and the zionists does not represent us the Palestinian people. Palestine is not an egg in the basket of the Saudi Arabia to be used in their fraudulent transactions and suspicious relations with the zionists of USA and israel. And if the Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman want to build full relation with israel and to be the dog to the Americans more he is now, then he should go ahead. He can do whatever he want, but do it far away of Palestine and Palestinians: renouncing the Palestinian rights will never make lions out of big rats.

To us Palestinians, any settlement blocs remaining within the limits of the 67 will only serve as an excuse for renewed “legitimization” of the zionist occupation and the imposition of the so-called “security measures” which impede the lives of the Palestinian people and are threatening like a bomb, which can blow up at any moment and totally destroy the so-called peace agreements. To us Palestinians it is more than clear that, in any legitimate peace agreement, the swift, unconditional and complete withdrawal of all jewish colonists and all foreign soldiers from our territory is not negotiable.

It should be noted that the deceased Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz launched the Arab peace initiative between Israel and the Palestinians in 2002. His initiate was adopted by the Arab states. The Arab peace initiative is based on the full withdrawal of Israel from the Palestinian territories which were occupied in 1967, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, offering in exchange entering into a peace agreement between Israel and Arab states.

We Palestinians say today to the Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman: shove your initiative into where the sun does not shine and go to hell. Your offers do not concern us Palestinians and you have no say whatsoever in our national matters.

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