Immigrants And The Right-wing Rise In Austrian Parliamentary Elections

Crimes of rape, sexual harassment, hijab and burqa, the violation of women’s rights, the high rate of asylum and other problems led to the rise of the extreme right-wing parties in the parliamentary elections 2017.

Three years ago, hundreds of thousands of Austrians welcomed the Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees. They gave them every help and assistance.

Today, hundreds of thousands of Austrians voted in favor of the right-wing parties after the migrants’ crimes were reflected negatively on their daily lives.

The centre of political gravity in Austria shifted to the right after the conservative Austrian People’s party (ÖVP) came out top in national elections, making Sebastian Kurz, 31, become the EU’s and the world’s youngest head of government after becoming foreign minister at the age of 27.

Projections on Sunday night put the ÖVP ahead with 30.2% of the vote. The incumbent chancellor Christian Kern’s centre-left Social Democrats (SPÖ), the largest party in the last government, are in third place with 26.3 percent, the party’s worst showing since the end of Adolf Hitler’s rule in Austria, according to Europe Elects, while the Freedom Party had 26.8 percent, The Green party had 4.9 percent, NEOS party had 5.3 percent and PILZ party had 4.3 percent.

Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said the People’s Party received 30.2 percent of the vote, a gain of more than 7 percentage points from the 2013 election. Kurz described that as the biggest jump in support in the party’s history.

Kurz toppled the last government in May when he pulled his conservative ÖVP out of a coalition with the centre-left SPÖ.

He has promised to cut access to social welfare benefits for refugees for at least five years and to free businesses from compulsory levies, abolish the minimum corporation tax and stay away from a wealth tax, as well he promised to a rise in the minimum wage and a minimum pension.

Kurz claimed credit for closing the Balkan migrant trail in 2016 that brought hundreds of thousands of migrants to Europe.

In 2015, more than a million people, primarily from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, landed in Europe, triggering the continent’s worst migration crisis since the aftermath of World War. Austria received around 90,000 asylum requests in 2015, the second-highest in the bloc on a per capita basis.

On April 27 2016, the Austrian parliament on Wednesday adopted one of Europe’s toughest asylum laws, as the country’s political leaders struggle to halt the surging far-right which is leading in presidential polls.

The law allows the government to declare a “state of emergency” if the migrant numbers suddenly rise and reject most asylum-seekers directly at the border, including from war-torn countries like Syria.

FPOe chief Heinz-Christian Strache, who flirted with neo-Nazism in his youth, would be deputy chancellor.

2 comments to Immigrants And The Right-wing Rise In Austrian Parliamentary Elections

  • Austria, along with all European nations — need to wake up and run the Muslims OUT OF EUROPE! It’s not racism — it’s the cost of maintaining them, and certainly also the vast number of CRIMES perpetrated by Muslims — rape, robbery, assaults, murder, etc., etc., etc.


    It is unfortunate that you suffered at the hands of the Zionist regime occupying Palestine. Anyone forced from their homeland does so with a heavy heart.
    Unfortunately, you seem to be stuck in the old left/right political paradigm, which is irrelevant in today’s world. Palestinians struggle to retain their identity against a violent entity that was a minority when it invaded Palestine as “refugees”. Is there any material difference in the idea that Austrians wanting to retain their identity against a hostile invasion dressed up as “refugees”? Does anyone refer to Palestinians as right wing or extreme right wing for trying to regain control over Palestine’s borders and identity?
    The reality is that in “the West” people don’t really vote for a government, rather they vote against the one that has, in the their opinion, damaged them beyond an acceptable level.

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