Café Bolle Jan And The Dutch Singer


Dutch singer Eddy Walash

A few days ago I was in the Netherlands on a short trip. I thought about sharing the Dutch their cultural nightlife. The culture of the people attracts me more than nightlife itself.

It was not easy for me to determine where I go to hear live music.
Simply, I do not know anything about the cultural musical nightlife in Amsterdam.
I asked Dutch to assist me.
They said: “Take tram Nu.1 or Nu.5 and go to light-live station. There are all the Dutch bars which play live-music.

I wore jeans and sport shoes. Never I did that when I get out at night.
Usually I choose my clothes strictly in accordance with event. I used to be like that as a journalist working among diplomats, politicians and attending high level of Gala nights.

I reached Light-live Station.
Unfortunately, I did not see the bars, concerts and live-music? I saw some regular coffee shops that I see in all Europe.

I talked with a waiter working in a cafe shop. I asked him for a help!
“Where can I go? I want to hear cultural Dutch live-music. Could you please recommend me something? I asked the waiter.

He said: “Go to café Bolle Jan”.
He wrote on a small piece of paper: “Take Tram Nu.1 until the Flower market, get out and go through the market until the end where you reach a square. There ask anybody about café Bolle Jan.”
Easily, I reached café Bolle Jan. I introduced myself to Ms. Nancy Forger, a nice friendly woman works there. She warmly welcomed me.

The friendly Dutch guests at the cafe gave me some soft drinks. I was interested to listen to the Dutch live music more than drinking.

A nice blond musician stood on the small stage in the corner of the café. I saw a metal door divides between him and the bar geusts.

Shortly the musician started the concert.
It was electronic Dutch music but not live-music.
Of course, the ears not only hear, but also control the feelings and the emotions.

I liked the music and the songs, specially the singer had communicated with me with the words of the songs which I didn’t understand but I liked.
I do not understand the Dutch language, I relied on my ears and I was able to stay two rounds of continuous music among them was a short break.

Everyone in the café was very friendly, the musician, the workers and the guests.
Off course I will visit café Bolle Jan during the next visit to Amsterdam.

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