EU-Arab Doctors Hold 32end Congress in Vienna

إتحاد الأطباء العرب يعقد مؤتمره 32 في مدينة فيينا تحت رعاية عمدتها دكتور ميخائيل هويبل

tammamkelani1The Arab Doctors Union in Europe (ARABMED) headed by Dr. Faidi Omar Mahmoud will hold its 32nd Scientific-medical Congress on Sep. 17th 2016 in Modul Hotel under the auspices the mayor of Vienna Dr. Michael Häupl.

The meeting will be attended by specialized doctors and surgeons from all Europe and the neighboring Arab countries. Dozens of doctors from all over around the EU, Western and Arab countries among them the refugee doctors from Syria and Iraq will attend the congress, particularly from Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Italy, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and also other countries. Representatives from the Austrian health ministry, the Austrian Medical Council and several diplomats will participate in the opening ceremony of the congress.

Dr. Tammam Kelani, president of the 32ed ARANMED conference and the president of the Arab Medical Union in Vienna stated that the gathering doctors will enhance the scientific commitment and long-term cooperation between all doctors in Europe and around in the neighboring countries. He added: “the submissions for presentation at the conference have been made from a wide range of European and Arab universities and hospitals. We are expecting delegates from 13 countries (Germany, France, UK, Spain, Ireland, Turkey, Austria, Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Jordan and Syria), we are looking forward to a unique, stimulating and scientifically rewarding conference”.

Dr. Kelani said: “the conference will feature different scientific programs and allow for lively discussions between doctors in which they could learn from each others and discuss the newest medical issues. One of the major themes of this conference is “the role of advanced medicine in the care of refugees in Europe”.”

The conference aims at conveying a message of thanks and appreciation from all the doctors to the government and the peoples of both Austria and Germany for what they have continued to offer to Syrian and Iraqi refugees. said dr. Kelani.

He added: Our scientific program is rich and we expect it to be interesting and relevant to all participants. We also hope that you are able to meet old and new colleagues in these sessions and create lively discussions in which you can learn from each other.”
He pointed out that the ARABMED Union has held several scientific conferences in various European and Arab capitals, which were attended by thousands of European and Arab specialists counting more than 400 Professors and distinguished scholars.

Dr. Kelani said that the new participation of our colleagues in the conference and their contribution in the medical forum will reflect positive impact on our scientific activities and advance medical science and knowledge which in turn will help find an appropriate solution to the worsening problem of refugees in Europe. He stated that the “role of advanced medicine in the care of refugees in Europe” will be one of the major themes of the conference.

The governor of the city of Vienna and the parliamentarian Dip. Ing. Omar Al-Rawi will host a reception and an official dinner for the doctors on Friday 16-09-2016 at 8pm in the dining room of the city hall.

The meeting will be officially inaugurated at 11AM on Saturday 17-09-2016 at Modul Hotel under the auspices the mayor of Vienna Dr. Michael Häupl. It will be attended by a host of Arab Austrian doctors, Vienna university professors, governmental and non governmental organizations, some relief and health entities and some figures of the community.

On Saturday, Sep. 17 evening at 8PM, the conference will end its sessions by a ceremony at the Modul Hotel where a dinner party will hold for all participants and their families. award certificates will be given to the participants.

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