Who Is The New President of Austria?

DSC_5072 copyAlexander Van der Bellen, a 72-year-old economics professor and former Green Party leader backed by the socialist party (SPÖ) and Muslim community during the Presidential elections in Austria was elected to be the next Austrian president.

There has been a 0.6 percent difference between Van der Bellen receiving 50.3 percent and the Freedom Party’s candidate Ing. Norbert Hofer receiving 49.7 percent.

Hofer was ahead after polls closed Sunday. He got 51.9 percent of the Austrian votes. In simple words he was the winner of the elections. Van der Bellen got 48.1 percent of the Austrian votes.

On Monday morning, the Austrian Ministry of Interior published a clarification on its website. The ministry stated that the data released on its website about the Austrian presidential election was an error.


later, the difficult equation of the elections was changed. The postal votes of the Austrians living abroad were given to Van der Bellen. More than 700,000 absentee ballots changed the the final count and showed Alexander Van der Bellen as the winner with 50.3 percent, compared to 49.7 percent for Hofer.

Tuesday 24 2016, Hofer urged his supporters to respect the result and show tolerance to those with different political views.

He wrote in his Facebook account: “I will remain loyal to you (the public) and make a contribution to a positive Austria. Please do not be discouraged, the use of this election campaign is not lost but an investment for the future.”

Hofer asked all Austrians for unity, joining efforts by Van der Bellen to overcome the ideological divisions that led to the close contest.

Van der Bellen was born in Vienna in 1944 to a politician father. In 1976, he was appointed associate professor at the University of Innsbruck and then became professor of economics at the University of Vienna.

Van der Bellen started his career as a politician by joining the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ), but he switched to the green party, became its chief, then resigned after the September 2008 election. He became commissioner of the City of Vienna for Universities and Research in 2010.

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