Barcelona Emptied the Pockets of Tourists But Still NO Budget For Education

DSC_9945Barcelona sucks the money of tourists and emptied their pockets but still there is no budget for education. Furthermore there seems to be no respect for journalists in cultural venues and the sites of the city.

At the entrance of Cathedral of Barcelona, the accountant said that the Cathedral does not acknowledge the Spanish ministry of culture in Barcelona and as well the so-called European Union principles of dealing with journalists.

She said further more, “the press accreditation given to journalists is worthless to the Cathedral of Barcelona, everything in our Cathedral is money and nothing else”.

The Cathedral of Barcelona’s accountant was rude and impolite. She laughed loudly and said, “We do not care about the Ministry of Culture in Barcelona. For sure we ignore the tourists and journalists complain and we threw the ministerial into the garbage.”

She continued laughing as if she was a waiter standing at the entrance of a bar or a brothel not an accountant at the entrance of a holy Cathedral, one of the most important sites of Barcelona.

Simply, I call on Barcelona’s Ministry of Culture to respect the EU regulations in dealing with journalists, and to rehabilitate their employees working in the holy sites of city.

DSC_0037In any case, Austria remains a perfect example in the EU in dealing with journalists, tourists and its citizens. Perhaps it is time that other European courtiers learn something from Austria. In my opinion, sucking the money out of tourists in such a disrespectful way will not bring wealth to Barcelona.

In order to prove my words I give an example of what I saw just hundreds of meters away from the Cathedral of Barcelona, where thousands of students gathered in the government Square to protest against the raise of education fees in schools and in the universities of Barcelona.

My conclusion: This seems to be the fate of all European countries who get in the grip of the Troika like Greece and Spain: privatization of any public environment and bringing it under profit mongering. Thus the behaviour of the accountant and the protests of the students have the same origin. See more.

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