Blind Media At An Empty Press Conference

DSC_2994After half an hour of delay the press conference of Minister Sebastian Kurz and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was started.

The first act was giving a present (the Austrian football team T-shirt) to Secretary-General Ki-moon by minister Kurz.
Ki-moon was very happy, he said, “I am a great fan of football and I will watch how the Austrian team will play. I have been playing with the diplomatic team in the United Nations, so thank you very much for your very thoughtful gift.”

The press conference was fruitless as both Secretary-General Ki-moon and Minister Kurz had nothing more substantial to say than thanking each others. Nothing was revealed about the subjects of their meeting, and due to limited time only two questions were allowed to be directed to Ban Ki-moon.

First question: Eva Pöcksteiner from Austrian Public Television,”Do you have a good relationship to Mr. Mistura and do you have bits of information about the progress of the peace talks in Geneva?”

The Secretary-General’s answer, “Referring to what is going on now in Geneva: We are still encouraged, the parties [from] Syria and the armed opposition groups, even though they are not sitting together in proximity talks, the Special Envoy, de Mistura, is trying to put them together. As you know he has proposed a certain list of commonalities based on their positions and they have some dozen commonalities which have been presented to both sides. I hope these commonalities will be able to be expanded as much as possible, but it is important that they should show political will at this time and the cessation of hostilities should go on, otherwise it will be very difficult for humanitarian workers to deliver. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are still besieged in the areas – we do not have much access to them, so we used aeroplanes to drop humanitarian assistance. But what is most important at this time is political will by both sides and there is strong support from the international community led by the International Syrian Support Group (ISSG) whose co-chairs are Russia and the United States.

The second question, aimed to get a political statement of Ban Ki-moon on Austrian affairs by Elisabeth Hilgarth from the Austrian Press Agency, “I was wondering if you are concerned about the far right movements in Europe getting stronger and stronger, especially as on Sunday in Austria the far right wing party had a big success at the first round of the presidential elections?”

Secretary-General’s elegant diplomatic answer, “I have been following the current political situation including the presidential elections in Austria. The elections are part of the regular democratic process of Austria as in any country and it means for the people of Austria to express their democratic will. As the Secretary-General of the United Nations, you will understand that it is not for me to comment on an ongoing, peaceful, credible and transparent electoral process.”

DSC_3055Secretary-General said furthermore, “Foreign Minister Kurz and I just had a meeting on issues at the top of the international agenda. I thanked him for Austria’s strong support for the United Nations. We agreed to strengthen our partnership even more.”
He added: “We also discussed the situation in Yemen, particularly the peace talks which are now going on in Kuwait, the situation in South Sudan, Ukraine and the southern Balkans. I congratulated Austria for attending the historic signing ceremony for the Paris Agreement on climate change Friday last week in New York. I count on the Parliament of Austria to ratify this milestone treaty without delay.”

Ki-moon stated: “We face global threats – from pandemics to hate speech – that do not respect national borders. No country can meet the challenges on its own. Now is a time to build trust among peoples, break down divisions and stand strong for our common values. Xenophobia scars all men, women and children. It dehumanizes those resorting to racial and discriminatory remarks and actions. It violates the victims. And it tears the fabric of society.”

The press conference was ended by handing the Austrian football team T-shirt to Secretary-General Ki-moon a second time, for the pleasure of the photographers.


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  • Nothing worth seeing and nothing worth showing up for. The real problem in the world is not “hate speech” which inevitably translates into criticism of Israel for its genocidal policies. It is the kind of lying IMF propaganda that Ban Ki-moon regurgitates for the Zionist World Aristocracy

    Human CO2 emissions have zero impact on world temperatures. Studies which show that the earth is getting hotter because of CO2 emissions are biased and flawed. They are based on temperatures taken in cities where people use heaters to keep warm in the winter – a minuscule and highly biased sampling of the earth’s temperatures.

    The Hockey stick rise in temperature is an artifact of bad science. Unbiased samplings show no change in the Earth’s temperature over the last 100 years. CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere is correlated with warmth on the earth simply because ocean water releases CO2 when it is warm and absorbs it when it is cold – just like the soda pop that you put in the refrigerator. That is why the pop is more bubbly when you open a bottle at room temperature and less bubbly when it has been in the refrigerator for a while.

    You can easily disprove the man-made global warming scam just by using two 2-liter plastic bottles – one filled partly with club soda (which is CO2 and purified water) and one partly filled with just purified water as a control. Put the bottles out in the sun. After a couple of hours or more both the club soda and the purified water will rise to the same temperature – despite the fact that the atmosphere in the bottle partly filled with club soda is saturated with CO2.

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