The German Government Approved Good Sex

sex-1I have recently seen the online website called Zanzu “my body in words and images” and a video made in four languages for non-German speakers made by the German Government’s Federal Centre for Health Education and the Flemish centre of expertise for sexual health Sensoa where the government has approved “good sex” and attached great interest in the definition of sexual principles and the urgent need of using a condom. The website is aimed to German people as well as to the large waves of immigration which has recently landed and settled on its territory.

good sex-3“Sensoa Flemish centre aims to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights, including HIV and Aids, and to influence the international decision making process in this area. To this end we monitor and submit policy recommendations in conjunction with Belgian and international partners.”

The centre supports homosexual rights, migrants reproducing in Europe, gender equality and gender flexibility, abortion, and fights against sexual violence.

According to the German government sexual website, it is wonderful to know that sex often starts by caressing, cuddling, kissing and licking each other, and stimulating each other’s erogenous zones (foreplay). When both partners are aroused, they may want to have sexual intercourse, the penis has to enter the vagina!! The descriptions merely seem to be written for robots than for human beings, and reading them one has the impression to read a technological instruction more than about a human affair. Sexuality here is stripped off of deeper emotional feelings, especially implied reproduction, to have children seems likely more to be an accident than a wanted result. Thus the importance of family is completely ignored, it seems that the future shall belong to industrially produced babies.

By reading the “useful”‘ information posted online, I found out I was safe and secure in my sexual relation with my ex-partner and I only did what the German government has approved as a good sex.

Going back to my past and childhood, my mother had never told me anything about sex and her sexual life, as well as the schools had never taught anything about the same subject.

223_koppel_likkenaaaIn the 9th class at the preparatory school, I remember a chapter in the science book about the reproductive system, the man’s “penis” and women’s “vagina”. As we entered this subject, our teacher deliberately put on black sun glasses. He was red in the face, he summarized the unite by explaining us how the “penis” work. He said the other part of the subject meaning the vagina is not important and will not be part of the final exam! This maybe unwillingly provides the role of women in sexual intercourse in my Muslim homeland.

In the 12th class at high secondary school, my colleague at the scientific branch, Nawal Hermas, asked the biology teacher about how a woman gives birth, and if the baby enters the world through the vagina or the anus?
The answer of the teacher was, “Shut up”!!

Despite the importance of education about sexuality according to the phases of the age of the child, I can say the way the german government presents sexuality on its website is ridiculous, but it may serve very good the politicians and the German government to legislate laws according to electronic programming and theories which are far away from human relationship and emotions.

2 comments to The German Government Approved Good Sex

  • Mac

    How about i tell my children their mouths are not genital apperatures and the physical state of exchanging such strong emotions leaves them vulnerable and makes light of the bond between a man and woman hecause when its undertaken too lightly. And how about i tell them in an ever increasing propaganda campaign which uses sex to sell things to ourselves has been manipulated into oversexualzing children and crazing peoples ability to respect boundaries and that people should promote civility in dress and behavior. It is a fact that beaming pornography into an overcome nations homes via television is a methodology of degrading the victim?

  • Eileen Kuch

    You would be right, Mac. The problem in today’s world is that sex has been corrupted, when it was used solely for self-gratification.
    Before the 1960’s “free love” culture came along, sex was sanctified in the realm of marriage between a man and a woman. The truth is, there’s no such thing as “free love”. Someone always pays the consequences, and it’s the woman in over 95% of the cases. Only the woman ever winds up with an unwanted pregnancy in such a situation. The best situation is that where both husband and wife participate in the sex act and produce children as a result.

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