Who Helped Mossad Murder Omar Zayed in Bulgaria?


Naif Hassan Omar Zayedd and his wife.

Who killed Naif Hassan Omar Zayed in Bulgaria?
Why dose EU legalizes the Israeli Massad terrorism on its territories?
Until when Europe will remain the scene of assassination crimes of the Mossad?
Was the Murder of Mr. Naif Hassan Omar Zayed in Bulgaria coordinated between the politicians during the visit of the Bulgarian Prime Minister to Israel and Ramallah??

What is the interest of the so-called “security coordination” between the Palestinian Authority and its allies, the israeli intelligence services Shabak, Shin Bet and Mossad if the coordination ONLY helps murder the Palestinians and re-imprison them?

Are the necessities of the “security coordination” limited to the re-imprisonment of the Palestinian political prisoners, assassinate them and betraying Palestinian resistance and political activists because they are “wanted” by Israel?

On Feb. 26 2015, Naif Hassan Omar Zayed, 52, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) was found dead at garden of the Palestinian Authority (PA) embassy in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

In 1986, Zayed was sentenced to life in Israeli prison on suspicion of murdering a colonist “Eliyahu Amadi” in the occupied old city of Jerusalem, but was able to escape Eshel Prison during a hospital visit, making his way to Bulgaria four years later where he was granted residency.

He lived in Bulgaria for the past 22 years and had Bulgarian residency. He was married to a Bulgarian wife and was father of three children. But Israel never let Palestinians, their families and children live in peace anywhere in the world and Zayed was targeted as a Palestinian, as a former political prisoner.

On December 15 2015, the Israeli embassy in Bulgaria demanded Bulgarian authorities to extradite Zayed. Two days after Israel demanded Zayed’s return, Bulgarian authorities raided his home, arresting his 18-year-old son while Zayed was given “succor” at the PA embassy. It was reported that Zaid was given 72 hours to turn himself in for extradition to Israel or face arrest.

According to our sources, the Israeli Intelligence demanded the Palestinian counterpart to hand them Zayed under the pretext of what so-called “security coordination”. Since then the PA foreign ministry made pressur on Zayed to leave the Embassy.

Hamza Zayed, Omar’s brother, said that “we hold Israel fully responsible for Omar’s assassination and we also blame the Palestinian embassy for not protecting him and thus facilitating his murder.”

dsdsdsOmar’s family has denounced the role of the Palestinian Authority, saying that the PA and the Palestinian Embassy are responsible along with Israel for the killing of Nayef Zayed, by failing to provide proper protection for him and placing him under constant pressure while residing in the embassy. Ma’an news reported that Ahmad Nayef, Omar’s brother, said that “My brother was being directly and indirectly threatened by some individuals at the embassy — especially the ambassador — who demanded him to leave the embassy where he was taking cover after being threatened by Mossad.”

“We hold Israel and its intelligence services, the Palestinian Authority and the Bulgarian government responsible for the killing of Omar Nayef Zayed, whose life was taken as he lived his life, in the struggle for freedom for Palestine,” Mohammed Khatib, a Brussels, Belgium-based member of Samidoun: the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, said. “He was assassinated; he was not protected; and he was constantly threatened and pursued. The Israeli intelligence services have a long history of pursuing and assassinating Palestinians around the world – especially in Europe – targeting young leaders and veteran resisters for assassination and elimination. This outrageous crime happened inside the Palestinian embassy, inside Bulgaria. The killers and those who made this killing possible must be held accountable.”

Bulgarian Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov said there were no gunshot wounds on the body and that Zayed was still alive when the ambulance arrived, but died before reaching hospital.

On Thursday February 25 2016, the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem and separately with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki and on Friday February 26 2016, the killing of Omar Nayef Zayed took place only hours after Prime Minister Borissov returned from his trip. The blinded media has reported that the Bulgarian PM did not mention Nayef Zayed’s case during his visit, but after the assasination of Zayed, Borissov told Bulgarian reporters that he had discussed the case of Zayed with all parties and said that “Bulgaria respects the rule of law.”

As a Palestinian Journalist I ONLY say: “Israel no longer carries out assassinations and arrests of Palestinians. It is now so that the zionist israel delegates the dirty work to the so-called “Palestinian National Authority”. It is now enough that any small officer – one of the uncountable desk criminals which populate the israeli bureaucracies – working at an office of the israeli intelligence, sends a list with the names of “wanted people” to their Palestinian counterpart at the “Palestinian security forces” and the PA which now replaces the israel military in the implementation of dirty tasks of murder and abduction.

The dirty task of the PA is well paid by American and European governments with money extracted from mostly oblivious western taxpayers. And the PNA “security” elements and embassies are perfect at their disgusting task, they are always ready to fabricate charges, justifications and excuses to murder or abduct or torture their victims, the “wanted by Israelis” Palestinians who appear in the murder lists assembled by the israeli desk criminals.

Recently the PNA has once again confirmed its status as a dictatorial regime. The lowlifes of the PNA are very well aware that they have no legitimacy and that they are despised and hated by the majority of Palestinians. This has shown in an ever increasing stream of criticism against the PNA being voiced on the Internet. The reaction of the PNA to this correct and human criticism of their crimes has been a barrage of brutal assaults against Palestinian society.

This is wrong in several ways. Abbas is the de-facto “President” of the PA and PLO. He was elected in the elections of 2006 as President, and his term expired on January 19 2009 according to the Palestinian constitution. So seen, Abbas is not the President of anything but a self-appointed dictator with no constituency beyond the goons paid by the EU and USA, and the people surrounding him have taken actions apt to remind Palestinians every day since 2006 that they are nothing but criminals. The point in the disingenuous answer of the EU is exactly this: Abbas and his co-perpetrators are imposing criminal and genocidal policies upon the Palestinians on behalf of israel and an “international community” subservient to zionist interests.

4256The European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine (ECCP) and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network issued a joint appeal to all Members of European Parliament on the killing of Omar Nayef Zayed, on 26 February 2016. ECCP and Samidoun will be following up this letter with an ongoing push for transparency, justice and accountability for the taking of the life of Zayed, a former Palestinian prisoner sought for extradition from Bulgaria to the Israeli occupation. The letter was written and sent hours after Nayef Zayed was pronounced dead in Sofia. Both organizations had been working together to advocate against the extradition of Nayef Zayed. The text of the appeal follows:

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

We write today with heavy hearts and extreme distress about an incident that has just occurred in Sofia, Bulgaria. Omar Nayef Zayed, the former Palestinian prisoner currently pursued for extradition by Israel and Bulgarian police, was found dead yesterday morning inside the Palestinian embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he had taken refuge from the extradition request.

Omar’s case was a critical case for Palestinians in Europe; he had lived in Bulgaria for the past 22 years as a permanent resident, with his Bulgarian-citizen wife and three Bulgarian-citizen children. He fled Israeli imprisonment after a 40-day hunger strike in 1990; the threat of his extradition on the basis of his conviction by an Israeli court trying Palestinians from the West Bank in an unfair trial, after being subject to torture, held severe concerns not only for him as an individual but for all Palestinians in Europe who could face such threats. Read more.

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  • Extraordinary journalism.. my dear sis Kawther.. as always.. will share in FB.. interesting to see the facts with open mind and intelligent eyes.. Salam <3

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