Austrian Defense Minister Handed Multipurpose Armored Vehicles to the Military Patrol

DSC_3962September 30 2015 – Austria Defense Minister Gerald Klug handed today six protected multipurpose vehicles “Light MultiroleVehicle” to the military police patrol at the Maria Theresa military Barracks.. The multipurpose vehicles are production of the military company „Iveco“. The vehicles have special models that meet to the needs of the military patrol and police. They are provided with blue lights and a siren and they provide high mobility and have a remote weapon station that can be operated from inside and provid special protection to the soldiers against fire, mines, booby-traps and shrapnel.

DSC_4173aThe vehicles will be called “Husar” by the army. The hussars were lightly armored, highly mobile, mounted troops, also known as special forces took over the activities of a police box next reconnaissance tasks.

In his speech during the ceremony of handing armor „Light MultiroleVehicle“ Minister Klug said: „We make a big step in the modern equipment of the troops that brings more protection to our soldiers and increases the mobility dramatically”.

The multipurpose vehicles are able to provide soldiers in foreign missions with security. They are used to restore and maintain public order. The military police can perform secure patrols abroad with the “Husar“ pick up offenders or resolve violent riots as demonstrations. The army has a total of 150 protected multipurpose vehicles. The replacement cost for all vehicles amount to about 108 million euros.

The command military patrol and Military Police is a special band of the armed forces since October 2007. The soldiers raise inter alia for manhunts, afford stewards or protect high-visibility and high-risk individuals. The band consists of about 400 army staff, 20 of them in the administration. About 40 of them are currently working abroad, for example in KFOR in Kosovo (30), 10 in EUFOR Althea in Bosnia and 80 keep ready for further international operations.


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