Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina Signed A Border Treaty in Vienna

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DSC_105226. August 2015 – In the presence of Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a border treaty over the Sutorina region during the second Western Balkans conference held in Vienna, the first summit was held in Berlin, Germany last year.

President Fischer and his Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, Chairman of the Bosnian presidency Dragan Covic, Montenegro’s President Filip Vujanovic, Interior Minister of Montenegro, Rasko Konjevic, Bosnian foreign minister Igor Crnadak have attended the signing ceremony of the border treaty between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro on 26 August 2015, in Vienna, Austria

President Fischer said: “I welcome the fact that negotiations over the border treaty between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina were completed successfully in Vienna.” He added: “To underscore the two countries that negotiation is the only way for peaceful conflict settlement.”

Preside Fischer stressed: “The conclusion of the border treaty Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina contribute to regional stability and thus a further step towards EU integration.”

Chairman of the Bosnian presidency Dragan Covic said: “The agreement with Montenegro is of special importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina since it will be the first one with one of our neighbours.”

The negotiations for the 268 kilometre long border line of Sutorina started in 2008 between the two countries.

In 2013, both countries came to the final stage of signing an agreement over the disputed area and the Bosnian government circulated a draft about Sutorina.

Bosnia’s opposition believes that Montenegro was illegally grabbed Sutorina from Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1945, since Bosnia-Herzegovina was originally controlled by the Austrian Empire, Sutorina should have been given back to Bosnia. However, the border was never ratified.

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