70 Years Korean Liberation

DSC_2057aVienna – Mai 9 2015 – Austria Center – Kawther Salam – Experience the Unique Charm and Beauty of Korean Culture, a ceremony was held in Vienna’s Austria Center on Saturday May 9 2015 to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Korea.. The Korean Ambassador SONG YOUNG-wan and his wife attended the ceremony among hundreds of Koreans, Austrians, Ambassadors, diplomats and other representatives of the International organaziation and foreign countries.

DSC_1896On the occasion the “The Little Angels” presented their repertoire at Austria Center stage. Very varied arrangements of dance and music allow the beauty of Korean traditions to be brought to life on the stage during the celebration. The performances show the peace loving heart of the Korean people.

The Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea is a symbol of dynamic Korea, Charming cultural, ambassadors of peace and good will. It was founded to promote Korean traditional culture around the globe, for the sake of world peace in 1962 with the intention to make the peaceful culture of the Korean people accessible to the whole world. The folklore dances performed by the Little Angels allow their audiences to access the 5,000 year history of Korea. The polished repertoire of the dance group includes theatrical sketches, marvellously arranged songs and traditional Korean dances which offer the audience some connection to the beauty of the “Land of Morning Calm”.

In September 1965, just 3 years after its founding, the Little Angels gave their first performance in front of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in Gettysburg, PA. Since then the dance troupe has undertaken 56 international tours involving more than 6,000 performances in 50 countries. They gave special performances for 50 heads of state including numerous appearances at the White House in the USA, at Buckingham Palace in front of Queen Elizabeth II, in the auditorium of the General Assembly of the United Nations as well as in the Kremlin in Moscow and in Pyongyang, North Korea, in 1998.

Special tours in memory of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War

DSC_2208In a first KW60 tour the Little Angels visited all of the 16 UN member states which directly supported the Republic of Korea (South Korea) in defending itself against the military invasion from North Korea, and made great sacrifices in doing this. More than 190,000 of these brave soldiers were wounded, taken prisoner or killed. The purpose of the tour was to honour those veterans who are still alive and their families. They came to Korea to defend freedom in our land. Korea won this war but it is still a divided country.

The Republic of Korea (South Korea) has developed well over the last 60 years and is now considered to be amongst the 10 most highly developed countries in the world. Korea was also the host nation for the G-20 summit in 2010.

Korea will never forget the UN soldiers and the helpers after the war. We will always thank each and every country which stood by the Korean people, both during and after the war, in their time of greatest need.

In 2010 the ensemble visited the 16 nations which directly participated in the Korean War. The 34 day tour began with the USA and then led to Canada and Columbia. In a second part of the tour which lasted for 35 days, the ensemble visited the European and the African member states, namely United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Turkey and Greece. Ethiopia and the Republic of South Africa were the two countries on the African continent. In a third step four nations in Asia were visited, namely Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines and thus, in this way, all 16 nations which stood beside Korea militarily were visited.

In 2011 the ensemble visited every nation which provided medical support either during or shortly after the war. The tour began in Germany and then went to five further countries, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy and the Cameroon.

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