European Concern About The Increased African Immigration

DSC_0278_edited-1Does African immigration threaten the economic, social, security aspects, and the future of European nations and their identity?

How do politicians think, supposing they think at all, these people will replace the Europeans in highly qualified jobs which are the fundament of high revenue industries, when many studies document that the average IQ among the population of sub-saharan Africa is about 60, while in Europe an IQ of 70 and below is considered a sign of mental retardation?

How do the dear leaders of Europe think these people will affect the security and social stability in European countries, when the experience with them is that they organize in mafia structures which peddle drugs in public transportation, that they engage in illegitimate marriages with elderly and obese European women, and that they have contributed, at least in Vienna, a new way to “please” women: gang rape, a form of crime which did not exist in this city before the massive immigration from Africa took place during the last years.

The European nations, but certainly not the self-anointed political “elite” informed by the ideology of cultural Marxism, are worried about their own future after human traffickers have flooded their countries with illegal immigrants; poor and illiterate Africans, many of them with criminal backgrounds such as drug dealing and mercenaries.

On the other hand, the European politicians, once again, informed by their ideology of cultural marxism, which they hold far above the most basic needs and interests of their people, have hold views about African immigration which are strongly at variance with those of the European people.

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