UN's Gaza War-crimes Probe Chief Resigned

William SchabasGeneva, 3 February 2015 – The President of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador Joachim Ruecker (Germany), received a letter from Professor William Schabas last night in which Professor Schabas indicates that he is resigning as chair and member of the Commission of Inquiry on the Gaza conflict with immediate effect.

This letter follows one sent to the Council President on Friday, 30 January, by the Permanent Mission of Israel in which they ask for Professor Schabas’ dismissal from the Commission of Inquiry due to what they refer to as a conflict of interest.

The President has accepted the resignation of Professor Schabas and thanks him for his work over the past six months as Chair of the Commission. The President respects the decision of Professor Schabas and appreciates that in this way even the appearance of a conflict of interest is avoided, thus preserving the integrity of the process.

The Human Rights Council President notes the decision taken by the Council requesting the Commission of Inquiry to investigate all alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law and he also notes that the Commission is now in the final phase of collecting evidence from as many victims and witnesses as possible from both sides.

PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-CONFLICT-GAZAThe report of the Commission of Inquiry is scheduled to be presented to the Human Rights Council at its upcoming session on 23 March.

The President is currently in discussions with the remaining two members of the Commission of Inquiry to discuss the appointment of the new Chairperson.

Ambassador Ruecker underlines the need to remain focused on the substantive work of the Commission in the interest of the victims and their families on both sides.

In the wake of the decision to quit by Professor William Schabas after pressure from Israel, HRC spokesperson Rolando Gomez said that council president Joachim Ruecker was confident the inquiry’s work would not be compromised.

He added that Ambassador Ruecker was looking to appoint a new Commission of Inquiry chairman quickly, as Daniel Johnson reports.

The resignation of the head of an inquiry into possible war crimes during the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict won’t affect the outcome of the probe, the Human Rights Council said Tuesday.

“The Commission’s work will not be compromised in any way, they are now in drafting mode they are drafting the final report which will be presented on 23 March.”

4 comments to UN’s Gaza War-crimes Probe Chief Resigned

  • Defiant

    The UN is as corrupt as the Mafia…only the UN is FAR FAR less competent. As though there needs to be a war crime inquiry, anyway! LOL! Palestine fires rockets over the border into Israel with impunity. They throw rocks and bottles and firebombs and they wonder why they get shot and arrested! LOL! They’re TERRORISTS! I wouldn’t let the Muslims (or anyone else) do that to my people, either.

  • Rabbitnexus

    Rothschildlandia will not accept anything less than a full conflict of interest in their behalf. Anybody who cares more about the law, truth or humanity than Israel’s right to do whatever it wants to anybody anywhere anytime, is unacceptable to Israel since the conflict of interest is clear to see then.

    The fix is in!

  • Rabbitnexus

    Mr Defiant, I’m familiar with your extremist, twisted one eyed viewpoint, I see you making a clown of yourself all over the place, feebly trying to reverse reality. You’re right little hasbarat the UN is corrupt, but it is corrupted on behalf of that grotesque mistake of a state squatting on Palestine. As I’ve told you before dopey, your days are numbered and the number is nearly counted through. The day will come when you will either follow your cause to hell from whence it came or you will have to live out your days pretending you never were one of those monstrous Zionists of history, who made the Nazis look good by contrast.

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